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Home of many of the world's finest climate education programs


   US Federal and/or National Programs  

Costa Rica Rainforests
Pushing the Boundaries of Life: Tropics
Gary Braasch photo on left used with artist's permission,
please always ask, then give credit before using photography
World View of Global Warming   

Hands-on Science Demonstrations and Activities   
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Trainings; Conferences;Universities;Business; Government

Mobile Climate Science Labs   

   Mexico -- Cambio Climático / Climate Change   

National Center for Atmospheric Research
K-12    Undergraduate &Graduate Level    Videos
Conferences    On-line Teacher Training    Tours    More

Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Climate Change Education Saskatchewan
Resources for Educators
Youth Art Gallery
Curriculum Cross Reference Materials -
Elementary, Middle, Secondary;
Science, Social Studies, Health, Math, Journalism, Arts
Mini Units - K-12
Musical Play about Climate Change for Students

Ciudad de México: Programe de Acción Climática
Estrategia Local de Acción Climática

Environment Canada - Climate Change
About   Causes   
Canada GH Emissions
Taking Action  Reports

AAAS Conference -- San Diego
18-22 February 2010    Join us there
With: Family Science Days
What it's like with thousands together:
scientists, families, kids, teachers & press
doing hands-on science -- fun!
Photos from San Francisco
Annual Conference -- 2007

Sciencenter -- Ithaca, New York -- Climate Change Toolkit:
Ten hands-on activities
Four Portable Self-Guided Exhibits Kits (Discovery Boxes)
    Public Presentation: CO2 and You   Museum Field Trip Program

Communicating Climate Change -- C3   ASTC's C3 website
Science Museum Tools   Evaluation reports
European Museum Coverage of Global Climate Change 2007 Monograph

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