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City of Vancouver     
One Day ProgramKids  Teachers  Parents  Schools
Sustainability:  Green Homes   Electric Vehicles
Climate Protection:  2 pg pdf    31pg (full report)

Health Canada / Santé Canada
Climate Change and Health   Les changements climatiques et la santé
Assessing the Health Risks   Évaluation des risques
Adapting to the Health Impacts   Adaptation aux effets
Knowledge, Research, Results   
Connaissances, résultats de recherche et partenariats

University of Victoria
Pacific Institute for Climate Solution
Climate Solutions Network

Facilitating communication and collaboration among
researchers, scientists, policy-makers and other
stakeholders in the area of climate change.

PICS At A Glance
PICS Research
PICS Fellowships

Climate Change Education Saskatchewan
Resources for Educators
Youth Art Gallery
Curriculum Cross Reference Materials -
Elementary, Middle, Secondary;
Science, Social Studies, Health, Math, Journalism, Arts
Mini Units - K-12
Musical Play about Climate Change for Students

Natural Resources Canada
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Adaptation 101
Regional Map linking to full regional reports.
Research Database by project type and by province.
Climate Change Impact Posters by region.
Presentations - Speaker Series - PDF downloads

New Brunswick Climate Change
Public Education and Outreach Hub

Resources for Educators
Climate Change in Our Region - Policies, What can be done by sector
What You Can Do

David Suzuki Foundation
Projects: Play it Cool   Carbon Neutral Challenge  Green Olympics
Science    Impacts
Energy    Solutions

Vancouver Maritime Museum
Feature Exhibit -
Meltdown! Oceans React to Global Warming

Climate Change North
An Educational Resource for Northerners
Lesson Plans
Curriculum Links: charts for each grade and territory
BackgroundersIntermediate   High School
Student Exchange
BC Working Group and Network on Sustainability Education:
Climate Change and Air Quality
Young Leaders' Summit on Northern Climate Change
Youth Climate Leadership Alliance Global Warning
Impact of Climate Change on B.C. -
Rich interactive multimedia, text, streaming video series - description
Classroom Guide to the Video Series (pdf - 73 pages)

Environment Canada - Climate Change
About   Causes   Science of Climate Change
Canada GH Emissions
Taking Action  Reports

Canada's Action on Climate Change

Natural Resources Canada
Impacts and Adaptation Division

WildBC: Climate Change Education
Curriculum, Primers, Activities for grades 4, 7, 10-12; links

Climate Change Education Centre
Conservation Corps of
Newfoundland and Labrador
pdfs: Impact on NL  Canada and the World
Take Action   Science   Health

Alberta Government
Climate Change: Creating Solutions for Our Future -
Education Kit

Curriculum-linked climate change unit that will help teachers
improve their students' awareness and understanding of
climate change. Fitted to Pan-Canadian Science Framework
for Canadian Science Education
PDF, 181 pages

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