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CO2 -- Pick Right
Centre for Environment Education

Pick Right   Educational Packet for Schools  Stickers and Posters
T-shirts and Caps  Pick Right Climate Change Page  
Presentation by Dr. Pachauri (21 page pdf)
Creeping Disasters  Why All the Fuss?  The Need to Act  Cooler Planet
Links  World Environment Day 2008  UNEP WED2008 website  
Centre for Environment Education


Integrated Effort For Development Nepal
News    Partners    Gallery    Contacts
Established in Nepal with purpose of sustainable development led by a
group of professionals in the sustainable development field.
IED focus upon health, education, environment ,women & children and
communication.We are always focus on local solution for global problem.

Video: Effects of global warming on Himalayan Glaciers
UNEP Press Release on Effects in Mountain Areas
Photographs (flickr)     

Climate Change Website written in Myanmar Language
From basics to latest developments
Guestbook    Links

Beijing Climate Center
Major and Extreme Weather/Climate Events Monitoring
Education and Training

Centre for Environmental Education
Greenhouse Gases - background, abatement mechanisms,
equity, preparations

Climate Change Articles
What does climate change mean for India?
Mangoes and Global Warming:
Should we become massive consumers of electricity, like the West?

Photos, World Environment Day 2008

LEAD Pakistan Climate Change Program
LEAD's World Bank South Asia Strategy:
Climate Change and the Water Sector [10 page pdf]
The Social Dimensions of Climate Change [8 page pdf]
Article by LEAD CEO:
"Climate change is the most serious challenge of our times. "

Independent Bangladesh
Environment News: Climate Change
South Asian people are at risk if
global warming unchecked

Ashoka Indonesia
Developing Climate Solutions
within School Communities
[10 page Word]

More Planetwide:  Australia   Canada   Spain   UK   US

Public Awareness

Videos   FAQ

Global Climate Change Education in Turkey
Dr. Elif Aladag, Ass.Prof.Dr. Nihal Baloglu Ugurlu,
Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Education,
Nigde University, Faculty of Education,

Initial Communication to UNFCCC (pdf, 169 pages)

National Report on Climate Change (pdf, 128 pages)

Ministry of Enviromental Affairs:
Coping with the Adverse Effects of Climate Change

South Korea
National Communication to the U.N. Framework Convention (pdf, 177 pg)

Nagenahiru Foundation
Restoring the mangrove forests; winner of One World Award 2008.
Please help them find related resources about climate change.

Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Human Dimension of Climate Change

Maldives Resolution adopted at the Human Rights Council
28 March 2008
Maldives and Live Earth join forces to draw world’s attention
to plight of Small Island States
Foreign Minister Urges UN to Promote Human Face of Climate Change
Deputy Minister to Judge Film Competition on Climate Change

            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
Arguments   Quick access URL's    Smartphone apps!      Book      About
ResourcesGuide   Graphics   Politician quotes: Myth Busters   Links sorted by argument
Translations: content available in over a dozen languages
Examples:  Chinese   Hebrew   Japanese    Thai

Create Your Future -- Japan for Sustainability           

We Are Saving the World .Org
Education program using empty water bottles
Growing Algae, Absorbing CO2

Building The Bio Solar CO2 Absorber     Participating Schools
Based in Chengdu, China

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