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Partnerships between climate researchers and secondary school teachers
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Materials for Teaching Climate Change Regional Projects
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   Take a trip to Denmark -- Right now, on the web  
Wait till you see what they are doing in climate education -- Wow!

Featured Outstanding Government Produced
Educational Resources

Ireland Environmental Protection Agency
For Teachers and Schools   For Kids, Students   
Videos   General Audience   Research
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The European Commission (E.U.)
How can you control climate change?
Understanding Climate Change
EU Action Against Climate Change (multiple languages)
For Schools
Teenagers from 21 EU Member States Give Animated Tips
Test Your Knowledge - Quiz! 
Your Action Counts   
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MyClimate   de   fr
Climate Education   Booklet [52 pg pdf]
Schools and young people
Facts about Climate Change   Tips

Games  Events, Booths
Climate Audio Trail in Swiss Alps
Exhibits at the Museum of Transport
Professional Development for Employees
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Website Loaded with Wonderful Resources
By grade, Subjects, Energy Sources, Species
Energy Game (Renewables / Non-renewables)
Transportation Game: Fuel Efficiency [drag & drop]
Climate Change Timeline  Birds & Climate Change
Planning for a Wind Farm  Wind Power Arguments
Biology   Chemistry   Physics   
Teachers: Please Register and login on their site
to access class handouts and share information
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Bundesverband Schule Energie Bildung e.V.
Mitglieder (great portal / links page -- programs on energy)
Wer sind wir?      Beitrittsformular

The European Environment Agency
Climate Change theme page - multiple languages
Multimedia - images, videos

The European Space Agency
New satellite techniques for looking at climate change 
Space and Earth Monitoring - Climate
SMOS satellite & ocean salinity: Helping Europe respond to climate change
SMOS Mission: video (mp4)
International Arctic summer school 2009 - for PhD students
Search from within ESA site

The European Space Agency - Kids
Climate change challenges - games, quizes
Global warming for kids
Explore planet Earth in near-real time!
Aeolus, ESA's wind watcher
Greenhouse gases star in space movies
New portrait of Earth shows land cover as never before
Satellite images disappearing Arctic ice
Climate Change students help CryoSat-2 Arctic campaign

The European Union
Hot Topics: Climate Change / Environment
Education (general)

            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
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