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Cool Kids for a
Cool Planet

Professor Paradox

Happy Christmas e-cards

Crude Oil
Anita Sancha
Eco Animator

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Climate Week -- a National Occasion
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Beautiful Classroom Role Playing Game
‘The Big Climate Change Debate – how to play your part’
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Thank you, Help Wales Reduce its Carbon Footprint,
for making this available to the world
.  Cymraeg

UK Government
Cheap and Simple Tips
Making the most of your energy
Generate your own energy
Home improvements

Global Warming for Young Minds
Lovely book for 6 to 10 year olds.
Sample [see first 11 pages for yourself]  
    To order
UK Food Miles Calculator   UK Vehicle CO2 Emissions Directory
European Energy Symbol   About

Met Office
Climate Change

The Science    • Your Guide: Facts, Impacts, History, What to Do
Copenhagen Conference Topics, Updates

Multiplayer game designed for 16 year old UK students.
Good for ages 13+ . DEFRA

Nature Magazine


International Weekly Journal of Science (UK)

News: -- Climate Change
"The Best in Science Journalism"
Nature--Current Issue
Earth Sciences Index    Archives: by subject and/or author
One of Most Popular Searches: Global Warming
podcasts    Nature & Googleearth
NatureAsia (Chinese, Japanese,Korean ) (German gateway)
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Science and Development Network
About Nature
By impact factor: World's top multidisciplinary journal

Melt: A Teenager's View of Global Warming

UK Government
What is being done about climate change in the UK
Climate Change Overview
History, international responses, UK proposals, what you can do
Climate Change
Causes, effects, what you can do, carbon calculator, solutions
UK and California make climate change deal
British Council's International Climate Champions program
Priorities for action, reports to Parliament in PDFs
What's being done to help fight climate change?
Greener travel: a quick guide
Envrionmental program index page

UK Videos    

act on co2


Costa del Marches(Humor)

Home Sweet Home

Little Pumpkin
Anita Sancha

Eco Animation:
Happy Christmas Bear

Theater Show for Kids (Ages 4-9)
The Curse of the Grabbers
by Professor Paradox (also a real scientist)
Climate Change Wales partner -- touring UK

Directgov -- UK
Waste and recycling: a quick guide
Reducing waste, re-using and repairing
Reduce Junk Mail -- how to in the UK

Oxfam Education
Resources: Climate Change
Climate Chaos: a week of activities for ages 9-11
Climate change: Copenhagen - signficance of the event, resources

Responses: from the UK and around the world
• Many more

Enviropedia -- UK
Listings of Books for University Level
and Adult Audience

Global Warming       Climate Change       Weather and Climate

Royal Geographical Society
Response to Geography National Curriculum (pdf, 4 pages)
“It is inconceivable that young people growing up
today should not be taught about issues like climate
change – it has enormous relevance to their lives.
Children not only learn about our future, they shape
it.” RGS quoting Alan Johnson,
Secretary of State for Education and Skills.
Mock Climate Negotiations - active learning exercise for University students

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