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Below are examples of the wonderful resources that can be found on the
Copenhagen Conference Teacher's Website.
ClimateChangeEducation.Org and GlobalWarmingKids.Net proudly are
working in partnership with their programs, as the world heads toward the
Copenhagen Conference in December, with related events underway.

Teacher's Website for Copenhagen Conference
UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) -- December 2009
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ICE 09 -- Conference: Inspiring Climate Education
October 12-14  Copenhagen, Denmark
International Secondary Education Teachers' Conference
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Some presentions will be available on-line after conference


The Climate Mystery
A Copenhagen Conference Game
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The Climate Mystery
A Copenhagen Conference Game
For Teachers:
Background, Curriculum Content
Mapping into 16 subjects

Recommended by Copenhagen Conference Educators

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Partnering with Copenhagen Programs for Teachers

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Lesson Plans Suggested by Copenhagen Teacher's Site
Primary Level: Measuring CO2 levels   
Secondary Level: Energy 1 2   GPS Positioning

Making biodiesel - vocational and chemistry for upper secondary
Computer Games   Sea level rise - overview  Climate in the media

Copenhagen Conference: Children's Climate Forum
28th of November till 4th of December, 2009
City Hall of Copenhagen, Denmark.
180 kids aged 14-17. From 42 different countries.
2-5 per country

Forum Event Webpage   

World Climate Teach-In Day
Friday, 4th June 2010

Following on the
European Climate Teach-In Day

Held 5 June 2009: Videos    Presentations   Deutsche

Recommended by the
Copenhagen Conference Teacher's Website

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