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Take Aim at
Climate Change

PoleNet Photos


Antarctica's Climate Secrets
Science education project funded by the
International Polar Year program of the National
Science Foundation
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Project Materials: Podcasts/Videos

Ice Under Fire: Antarctica
Explore Antarctica through stunning photography
Gary Braasch photo on left used with artist's permission,
please always ask, then give credit before using photography
World View of Global Warming   

Discovering Antarctica:
A Changing Climate

Interactive ultimedia, reports, quizes
Rising Seas
Meltdown - Making Waves: Be Heard!

NASA: The Breaking Ice Shelves
Searched links to awesome images, maps, timelines,
and descriptions at NASA
Wilkins Ice Shelf
Disintegration: Antarctic Warming Claims Another Ice Shelf

Take Aim at Climate Change
Hip-hop Video
. . . and topical links

Polenet: The Polar Earth Observing Network
Student Internships    Photos    Links

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research:
Antarctic Education Websites

Many excellent links to climate change sites;
English, but links to other countries/language sites also

International Polar Year -- IPY 2007-2008
For Educators

2009-2011   Created by docents, scientists, teachers, students, artists...
Thank you NASA Goddard, for base image: composite satellite photos of earth.