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Energy Education Programs in Germany

Unabhängigen Institut für Umweltfragen - UfU e.V.
Independent Institute for Environmental Concerns -- UfU

Leading producer of materials for European Commission
Fifty/Fifty  Solarsupport  Powerado  Kraft Wärme Kopplung
PECC: Kids4Energya (20pg pdf)   

Schulpaket Solarsupport  
Fifty/fifty:   Film   on Google videos

Energy and Climate Education Resources in English:
Energy Audit – Pupils examine their Schools (20 pg pdf)
Kids4Energya (Pictures; 20pg pdf)
Climate Protection and Environmental Education
Soft Factors for Successful Climate Protection (3 pg pdf)
Environmental Law & Participation
Note: UFU seeks partnerships where more of their resources
can be translated into English and Spanish. UfU has developed
wonderful resources, great for new programs internationally.
UfU is strong on hands-on science demonstrations and activities.

UfU featured at 2009 California Climate Change Conference
Energy Education Resource In Chinese

Bundesverband Schule Energie Bildung e.V.
Mitglieder (great portal / links page -- programs on energy)
Wer sind wir?

Examples of European Commission
Programs and Materials in German

Wie kannst Du den Klimawandel kontrollieren?
Für Schüler
Hintergrundinformationen   Videos
Klimawandel im Brennpunkt
Was bedeutet Klimawandel?  
Messen von Treibhausgasen
Video: Kampagne Nachhaltige Energie für Europa.
(Energy! Let's save it)
Animation -- Superheroes

WWF -- Deutschland
Klima & Energie

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