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Hands-on Science
UC Berkeley campus

Skeptical Science:
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dozen languages

Global Warming FAQ's
Union of Concerned Scient's

At AAAS Conference:
Family Science Days
Global Warm'g Discovery

Climate Science

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National Center for Atmospheric Research
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Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

    Defenders of Science         Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
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NASA Global Climate Change
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   Climate Reel: Images and Videos

Produced by the NASA/JPL Earth Sciences Communications Team
Climate Day --with ClimateChangeEducation.Org hands-on science demos

To all serious students and teachers of climate science:
you can not find a more essential, rewarding, and pleasurable assignment
than to study this book. Thrilling, right in the action. --

Science as a Contact Sport:
Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate

By Dr. Stephen H. Schneider
The History Behind the Decades-long Struggle to
Bring Global Warming to World's Attention
Press Release     Q&A with the author [5 pg pdf]
National Geographic Books
To order:   Amazon    Publisher

               RealClimate     Defenders of Science
Rapid response comments by scientists on breaking news stories
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Climate Science Rapid Response Team
for Media and Lawmakers
About    Recommended Resources
Defenders of Science

Climate Communication -- Science & Outreach  
Publicizing & illuminating the latest climate research in plain language
Supporting Scientists & Assisting Journalists.
Chalkboard summary diagram -- How to Communicate with Congress
What's New   What's Happening   Affects   What We Can Do
Science Director Richard Somerville Keynote Speaker at Tyndall Conference

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund
for the Protection of the Scientific Endeavor
Includes Defense of University Professors:
many scientists are also college and university educators    
Dot Earth New York Times Op Ed   Mother Jones
About   Press
Just Announced: Now Publically Affiliated with
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)   
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
About   CLEAN Team   Review Process
Teaching Climate Science and Energy Awareness
Educational Resources: Search the CLEAN Collection
CLEAN Community:    Events   Webinars for secondary level science educators

New: First Climate Education Phone App
Free -- Available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Version for droids and g phones coming soon.

Latest science -- now available for discussion anywhere
Climate Mobile-- by Geooptics Pasadena, CA
Developed by veteran NASA/JPL engineers

Featured Classic Papers
Past featured papers  

Climate impact of increasing atmospheric CO2
Complement to Jim Hansen's new book. Here's his front page grabbing 1981 paper -- which has held up VERY well.
Original 1981 Research Paper (10pg pdf)
NSDL Wiki: Global Warming Classic Articles


Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming FAQ's
Global Warming 101 -- Overview and list of topics
The Science of Global Warming
Climate Hot Map: Early Warning Signs
2005 Tied 1998 as World's Hottest Year
Migrating Climates Animation

Earth Under Fire
How Global Warming
is Changing the World

To buy the Book -- UC Press
Gary Braasch's website.
Incredible Photographs

Storms of My Grandchildren
The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe
and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity

New Book, by Dr. James Hansen
America's leading climate scientist.   To order

Know Climate Change
Author: Tanya Luther Agarwal     For 11-15
Published by TERI (where IPCC Director Dr. Pachauri works)

IPCC Synthesis Report
Comprehensive Research -- Warnings

"Global Warming is Unequivocal"

USA Today     New York Times     Washington Post
Fourth Assessment Report -- Summary by UCS

Scientific American Magazine
The Undeniable Case for Global Warming
Methane Plants and Climate Change

Climate Ark and the Eco-Earth Web Sites
Sister portal sites we recommend -- working together to bring you the finest resources
Climate Ark   Rainforests       Forests          Oceans     Water Conserve   Eco-Earth

I'm a Climate Scientist -- don't mess with these scientist rappers

Director/Writer: Dan Ilic. Made for the television show Hungry Beast (ABC-TV).

   Science Videos Collection   

White House Press Conf.
Climate Impacts on U.S.

Pine Island Glacier
Ice Shelf

Antarctic Scientist:
"How do we know?"

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We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.