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NASA / JPL Climate Day  

Pasadena Convention Center, Los Angeles County
Thousands of students and general public -- hands-on science
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NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory-- Climate Day 2010
Students, teachers, families, scientists, press
Held March 26 and 27, 2010     
Pasadena Convention Center: Conference Center Lower Level
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Hands-on science demonstrations, exhibits, talks by scientists, animations
competitions, career information, teacher and community resources,
Town Hall Meeting.

Being scientists, discovering the evidence

Full day of science, discussion, action, fun., NASA, kids team up.

Energy science interactive demonstrations

Booths loaded with education resources.

Reaching millions--taped for news, videos


NASA Global Climate Change
For Eductors    Kids   Images of Change
   Climate Reel: Images and Videos

Produced by the NASA/JPL Earth Sciences Communications Team
Pasadena, Los Angeles County, CA

Climate Day --with ClimateChangeEducation.Org hands-on science demos

South Coast Air Quality Management District
Sponsoring bus transportation for 1,100 students to event
with Pasadena Water and Power

Climate Change       Espaņol    Chinese    Korean
Clean Air Choices     For Kids     Students-- Health    News

COSEE West--Centers for Ocean Sci. Educ'n Excellence
Science research at UCLA & USC networking with K-12 educators,
informal education centers, and the general public in LA area.
LA Natural History Museum, Aquarium of the Pacific, Cabrillo Marine
Aquarium, California Science Center, & the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

Workshops for K-12 Teachers and Informal Educators
Partners     Scientists     Calendar     At AAAS 2010
College of Exploration     Cosee Center Directory     LHS
Teacher Created Lesson Plans 1 2

Designing satellites , Creating Global Warming Animationed Cartoons

Deciding how to build satellites, probes

Students provide animated cartoon voices

Dozens of Hands-on Science Demonstrations, Including:

Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks

Measuring CO2; Heat trapping in action

Experiments with Ocean Acidification

CO2 changing the ocean's chemistry.

Sea Level Rise -- Science Fair Project

Students get to do science.

Students from LA County schools

Our booth: after 1,100 students came through. Time to restock.

A small section of the pledge wall



Designing probes and satellites -- families join NASA/JPL team

Studying Earth Science Satellites

Global Warming Discovery --  Hands-On Science Demonstration
Volunteers bringing science museum demos to Bay Area schools   
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle

Pasco Scientific
Vernier Software
and Technology

Global Imagination's Magic Planet Puffer Sphere
Interactive Animated Sphere -- Climate & Energy Science
Experience it at: museums, schools, research & gov't. offices
Photo Gallery   California Climate Change Conference
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Hardware and Software -- fixed location & mobile versions
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Content: Climate   Energy

Featured in ClimateChangeEducation.Org's Booth

National Center for Atmospheric Research
K-12    Undergraduate & Graduate Level    Videos
Hands-on   Conferences   On-line Teacher Training   Tours

Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Flex Your Power    
Energy Efficiency Helps Combat Climate Change   Full Page Ads:
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K-12 Level Education Resources
Lesson Plans, Class Topics, Student Projects    

Birch Aquarium at Scripps -- San Diego
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

Slideshow of Exhibit   
Be a Volunteer     Best Bets for More Information

California Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego)
Education & Public Outreach   Energy Resource Center
Energy Efficiency   Climate Change
  Dr. Andrea Cook, Staff Scientist
New!: Green Learning Adventure   Photos
Calendar: Workshops and Events Resource Links
Exhibitor at California CC Conference   AAAS Climate Literacy Conference

Family Science Days -- Hands-on. With ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California / NASA

Just Announced:
Professional learning communities, support
for 320 teachers across the U.S.
in teaching climate change education for 2 years.
Now taking applications.

NASA website description
On-line application form   Flyer [1 page pdf]

In partnership with ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Monterey Bay Aquarium
New Exhibit on Climate Change: Hot Pink Flamingos
Opened March 29, 2010

Student Surveys School's Carbon Footprint
Science Fair Project by: Matan
School: Montera Middle School, Oakland CA, USA
Represented Kids at California Climate Change Conference!

How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Sample Pages       Cover Photo

Films, Videos, Science Presentations -- including:

<<< Young Voices on
Climate Change

Take Aim at Climate Change>>>>

Global Warming Cartoonlets -- by Hippoworks
Episodes:    #1    #2    #3    #4
On Top of Our Planet / Snows of Kilimanjaro (Songs)   

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