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AAAS Conference -- Family Science Days

Hands-on Demonstrations on Climate & Energy Science
San Diego Convention Center, February 2010
Thousands together: kids, families, scientists & press
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Kids, families get to
discover climate science
evidence themselves.

California Center
for Sustainable Energy
Now with hands-on
energy science at FSD.

Hippoworks Animation:
At FSD, kids recorded
their voices for the
cartoon characters.

Another partner with
AAAS booth NSDL.
America's online library
for Education &
Research in Science,

AAAS Conference 2007


When Family Science
Days was last in California,
then AAAS President
John Holdren gave the
keynote address at the
Townhall Meeting
on Climate Change.
provided the climate
science stageshow.
John Holdren is now
President Obama's
top science advisor.

Global Warming Discovery demonstration

Experiencing Energy Conservation Bike

Teaming up to provide engaging science demonstrations

ClimateChangeEducation.Org, NASA
California Center for Sustainable Energy, Birch Aquarium at Scripps
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Hippo Works Animation
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Pasco Scientific, Vernier Software and Technology
With national guests from the Climate Literacy Conference

AAAS Conference 2010 -- San Diego Convention Center

Photos of demonstrations, booths

How greenhouses gases trap and emit heat

Measuring temperature & infrared

Experiments with Ocean Acidification

CO2 changing the ocean's chemistry.

Booths for Ages 6 to 106

Vernier Software and Technology

Pasco Scientific

Kids get to be scientists

Birch Aquarium Booth

Held Saturday and Sunday Feb. 20, 21

Creating Global Warming Art and Animations

Making Climate Change Art

Kids provide voices for animated cartoons

National gathering of climate educators, AAAS brought together
the best climate science demos from across the United States

AAAS - NSF Hosted Conference:
Promoting Climate Literacy Through Informal Science
All star teams of climate educators from across U.S -- science centers,
museums, zoos, and aquariums; media projects; and community programs

Held just before FSD, also part of the AAAS Conference

Scientists, kids, posters, exhibits all in the same convention hall

AAAS Family Science Days
San Francisco -- 2007

What science education can be.
Photos from San Francisco
Annual Conference -- 2007

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