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Perils of Polina
Children's Story


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Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
About   CLEAN Team   Review Process
Teaching Climate Science and Energy Awareness
Educational Resources: Search the CLEAN Collection
CLEAN Community:    Events   Webinars for secondary level science educators

National Center for Atmospheric Research
K-12    Undergraduate &Graduate Level    Videos
Conferences    On-line Teacher Training    Tours    More

Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

National Park Service
Climate Friendly Parks
"Climate change challenges the very foundation of the National Park
and our ability to leave America’s natural and cultural
heritage unimpaired for future generations

Many of these resources are designed to assist NPS interpretive rangers
develop education programs in parks. This also provide regional studies of
likely climate change impacts, and frameworks for educators.
Golden Gate National Recreation Area:
Primer on climate change and park Climate Change Action Plan
Threats to the Golden Gate
Spreading the Word on Climate Change
Climate Change in National Parks (pdf, 2 pages)
Climate Change in Rocky Mountain National Park:
Preservation in the Face of Uncertainty
(pdf, 22 pages)
Climate Change and Impacts to Resources around the Great Lakes (pdf)

Impacts of Midwest Warming (pdf, 2 pages)

More Resources by the US National Park Service

US Environmental Protection Agency
New on the EPA's Climate Change Site
Indicators in the United States
EPA's Four New Fact Sheets:
Science Facts    Ecosystems    Health    Effects on Society
State and Local Climate and Energy Programs founder honored by US EPA
for leadership in education on climate change -- 2004

US Environmental Protection Agency
EPA's Climate Change Site
Health and Environmental Effects
US EPA's Website For Kids
Climate Change, Wildlife and Wildlands Toolkit for
Formal and Informal Educators

Climate for Action: Proclamation for Children's Health
Join the Rocky Mountain and Plains Regional Climate Science
Education Collaborative e-mail listserve

FAQ About Climate Change: Back to Basics (pdf, 8 pages)
Communicating Climate Change, 2009 (pdf, 4 pages) founder honored by US EPA
for leadership in education on climate change -- 2004

NASA Global Climate Change
For Eductors    Kids   Images of Change
   Climate Reel: Images and Videos

Produced by the NASA/JPL Earth Sciences Communications Team
Climate Day --with ClimateChangeEducation.Org hands-on science demos

New Climate Education Resources from NASA
Climate Essentials -- Goddard SVS   Climate Reel
Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

New Report Provides Update on Recent Climate Changes
NASA Satellites Detect Unexpected Ice Loss in East Antarctica
AIRS image of global carbon dioxide transport
Watching Earth's Climate Change in the Classroom

AAAS's Family Science Days
America's Finest Annual Hands-on Science Event, NASA & Guests
National gathering of climate & energy science demo's.

How Great is the AAAS Conference?
Thousands doing real science together.
Serious hands-on demonstration fun:
kids, scientists, families, teachers, students, artists, TV and newspaper reporters
What Science Ed. can be. Join in!
Photos from San Francisco
Annual Conference -- 2007

AAAS - NSF Hosted Conference:
Promoting Climate Literacy Through Informal Science
All star teams of climate educators from across U.S -- science centers,
museums, zoos, and aquariums; media projects; and community programs

Held Feb. 2010 San Diego
Science Magazine Science  
Published by the Amer. Association for the Advancement of Science

more magazines and science journals

    Pew Center on Climate Change   
Global Warming Basics    Science and Impacts
Technology Solutions   Economics    Kids Page
International   US Federal   US States and Regions

US Global Climate Change Research Program
Impacts in the United States

Publications    For Educators   

Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming FAQ's
Global Warming 101 -- Overview and list of topics
The Science of Global Warming
Climate Hot Map: Early Warning Signs
2005 Tied 1998 as World's Hottest Year
Migrating Climates Animation

Dr. James Hansen, NASA Director of
Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Tipping Point: Perspective of a Climatologist (12 pg pdf)
The Perfect Storm [Jan 2008 Presentation Charts, 12 pg pdf]
GISS 2007 Temperature Analysis (4 pg pdf)
New Book : Storms of My Granchildren

NOVA: Sea Level Rise
What if we allow global warming to melt the earth's ice?
Sea Level rise:   If 17 ft.    If 170ft.
Maps of:  U.S. East Coast    Europe   Southeast Asia

Extreme Ice    View On-line

Teacher's Guide   Classroom Activity  

Featured Classic Papers
Past featured papers  

Models of Earth's Energy Balance
Study indicating that rapid and dramatic changes—either
warming or cooling—of global climate are possible
consequences of relatively minor perturbations.
Simple models, valuable introductory teaching tools.
Original 1969 Papers: Budyko (USSR) Sellers (US)
NSDL Wiki: Global Warming Classic Articles

America's Climate Choices

Understanding and Responding
to Climate Change

2008 Edition:

Download Booklet (28 pg pdf)
If in U.S., you may order up to 15 copies
NAS's Climate Change Site

Campaign for Environmental Literacy
U.S. federal funding and environmental education
Supporting Environmental Literacy

US Department of Education
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Search on Climate Change Resources - some online

Example: Hands-on Materials for Teaching about Global Climate Change
through Graph Interpretation
(pdf - 22 pages)

US Forest Service
Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC)

US Department of Energy
Climate Change main page

National Climactic Data Center
State of the Climate Global Analysis - July 2009

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Larsen Ice Shelf Breakup Events
"Antarctic glaciers respond rapidly to climate change, according to new evidence found by NSIDC scientists."

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions

Perils of Polina -- Children's Story
[see image on left]

US Department of State
Global Climate Change   Links
Youth and Education

We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, electricians, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions acoss the US
to strengthen the climate education community. If we should be working with you too, let us know.

Thank you NASA Goddard, for base image: composite satellite photos of Earth.