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Yale F&ES Climate Change Project
Global Warming’s Six Americas 2009:
An Audience Segmentation Analysis
Surveys: Florida New York [pdf's] Many others
Project Participants   Education Working Group    Resources

Global Climate Change Impacts in the
United States

US Global Change Research Program -- 2009
Program Overview
Download Full Report (196 pg pdf)
Executive Summary (4 pg pdf)
Climate Literacy:
The Essential Principles of Climate Sciences

Download the colorful Climate Literacy Guide
Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands:
toolkit for Formal and Informal Educators
toolkit for Western coastline
Report on Coasts (ecosystems) (4 page pdf)
Large full-color brochures

Climate Change 101 -- Impacts on California
Department of Land, Air, Water Resources -- UC Davis
Videos of seminar series for non-specialists on the
science, technology and policy aspects of climate change
Davis Education Programs at Calif. Climate Conference

Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming FAQ's
Global Warming 101 -- Overview and list of topics
The Science of Global Warming
Climate Hot Map: Early Warning Signs
2005 Tied 1998 as World's Hottest Year
Migrating Climates Animation

Largest Public Green Building
in the World

Education -- For Teachers
Green Practices    Sustainable Design
Our old Feature Page on CAS

Climate Change Exhibit: Altered State

California Academy
of Sciences

Penguin Cams
Global Warming Hands-on Science
Demonstrations: Provided by
ClimateChangeEducation.Org, Since 2004 

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NASA: Global Climate

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