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New HVDC Transistors
Let's prepare our students
for their generation's
, not for
unemployment using
yesterday's obsolete,
polluting technology.

Why does
prefer hands-on science,
providing schools with
tools for experiments?
Kids can discover the
evidence themselves.

Science is real --not media
telling you what to think.

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere
Self updating graphic
like the one above can be
on your website also.

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for education & research
in Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics


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National Center for Atmospheric Research
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Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Edu. Feature Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

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Mobile Climate Science Labs   
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Trainings; Conferences; Universities; Business; Government

World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
About     Univ. of Colorado at Boulder -- Office of University Outreach     Continuing Ed
For Educators   
Model Lessons:   Evidence of Climate Change [Middle School]
    Mountain Pine Beetles [Grade 9-12, Middle]     Zoo Poo [Grade 10,11,12]

Teacher Tested On-line Resources
Conservation and Solutions    Climate Change - The Science and Data
Curriculum and Lessons    Pine Bark Beetles
Green Resources    
Scientist Interviews & Links    
Colorado and a Warming Planet Pine Beetle Epidemic
A Hotter, Drier Colorado   Listening to Colorado's Ecology
New Energy for Colorado   Education and Solutions in Colorado

Climate Education Resources from NASA
Climate Reel   Climate Essentials -- Goddard SVS
Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

New Report Provides Update on Recent Climate Changes
NASA Satellites Detect Unexpected Ice Loss in East Antarctica
AIRS image of global carbon dioxide transport
Watching Earth's Climate Change in the Classroom

Florida Oceans and Coastal Council
A Special Report to the Florida Energy
and Climate Commission and
the People of Florida - June 2009
(pdf, 40 pages)
Science-based, readable report on climate change
impacts in Florida.
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
About   CLEAN Team   Review Process
Teaching Climate Science and Energy Awareness
Educational Resources: Search the CLEAN Collection
CLEAN Community:    Events   Webinars for secondary level science educators

Climate Change 101 -- Impacts on California
Department of Land, Air, Water Resources -- UC Davis
Videos of seminar series for non-specialists on the
science, technology and policy aspects of climate change
Davis Education Programs at Calif. Climate Conference

The Blueman Group
-- Earth to America Video

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Student Surveys School's Carbon Footprint
Science Fair Project by: Matan
School: Montera Middle School, Oakland CA, USA
Represented Kids at California Climate Change Conference!

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