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The Bahamas Environment, Science & Technology Commission

Teacher's Belize Blogspot

El Salvador
The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN)
El Salvador's national climate change web site

Teacher's Domain: Grenland Ice Sheet Project 2

Ministry of the Environment of Haiti

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
The primary objective of the IAI is to encourage research beyond the scope of national programs by advancing comparative and focused studies based on scientific issues important to the region as a whole. Our mission is defined as to develop the capacity of understanding the integrated impact of past, present and future global change on regional and continental environments in the Americas and to promote collaborative research and informed action at all levels. In its approach the IAI pursues the principles of scientific excellence, international cooperation and the full and open exchange of scientific information relevant to Global Environmental Change (GEC).

IAI is an intergovernmental organization established to foster increased understanding of global change in North, Central, and South America. Its Web site contains information on past and current research sponsored by IAI, as well as notifications of funding opportunities. IAI promotes research beyond the scope of national programs by sponsoring studies, both biophysical and socioeconomic, based on scientific issues important to the region as a whole.

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