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Florida Oceans and Coastal Council
A Special Report to the Florida Energy
and Climate Commission and
the People of Florida - June 2009
(pdf, 40 pages)
Science-based, readable report on climate change
impacts in Florida.

Colorado State Web Portal
Best Practices for Climate Protection:
A Local Government Guide
(pdf, 36 pages)
Colorado Climate Action Plan:
A Strategy to Address Global Warming
(pdf, 35 pages)
• Partner with K-12 educators    • Partner with higher education to educate
the work force needed for the New Energy Economy

Massachusetts Department of Education
Content Issues 2005 (pdf - 28 pages)
Lists Science and Technology courses for Middle and High School
that address or are principally about climate change.

Connecticut Climate Change Action Plan 2005
Recommended Action 54: Public Education Initiative (pdf - 28 pages)

"Foster a broad awareness of climate change issues and impacts
among Connecticut citizens and to engage citizens in
actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
Connecticut's Official Climate Change Web Site
What I Can Do
Connecticut Climate Change:
Climate Change Education Committee
-pdf 2pg

State Department of Education -
Climate Change Resources

Energy Education Program:
Green School News - Fall 2005:
Empowering Students to Know Their Source
(pdf, 8 pg)
Challenge Learning Center of Maine
$99,988 funds teacher learning on climate change
State Global Climate Change Site
University of Maine Climate Change Institute
2008 Conference videos (lecture-style)

University of Hawai'i Economic Research Organization
Developing the Knowledge Base to Address Climate Change (pdf, 4 pages)
Developing education programs for K-12 and college students
UHERO's Energy and Greenhouse Gas Solutions Initiative

Presentations, streaming videos - 2008, 2009
Terra: The Nature of our World: Rising Tide (video)

How will the coral reefs, monk seals, native plants, and
honeycreepers of Hawai'i deal with climate change?

State of Vermont
Climate Change Curriculum Links for Educators

State Climate Office of North Carolina

MSU, partners bring climate change curricula to high schools

Dickinson College Climate Change Education Program

Purdue: Activities for Conceptualizing Climate and Climate Change

Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon Program
[Check your browsing security filter if visiting actual program's website -- noted May 2011]

Will Steger Foundation
Especially strong in Language Arts, Writing, Reading --Stories
Arctic-Antarctic: Resources   Expeditions   About WSF
     Emerging Leaders Program

K-12 Schools: Lesson Plans, Curriculum, Resources, Student Projects
   Educator Professional Development   

By Subject -- Content Standards

Examples: •Biology  •Chemistry  
Earth SciencesLanguage Arts  •Math

Curriculum:  • High School   
 • Middle School  • Elementary School

Clean Air -- Cool Planet
New England

Other Regions

Climate Change 101 -- Impacts on California
Department of Land, Air, Water Resources -- UC Davis
Videos of seminar series for non-specialists on the
science, technology and policy aspects of climate change
Davis Education Programs at Calif. Climate Conference

Air Resources Board Releases
Draft of California Plan for Reducing Emissions
Draft Scoping Plan (93 pg pdf)
[Part IV-B: Page 66 - 68 addresses Public Outreach & Education]
Components Include: Flex Your Power   Spare the Air   Cool California
Low Carbon Fuel Standard    Million Solar Roof Initiative
Press Release     Part of Western Climate Initiative

Pursuant to AB 32: California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

UCS -- California Region (US)
Our Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks to California
Overview and Full Report (PDF)
California Climate Choices
Coasts: Critical Coastlines
Electricity: The Energy Gap
Confronting Climate Change in California (PDF)
An Open Letter on Global Warming from California Economists
Solutions: Capping Emissions
Solutions: Limiting Global Warming Offsets
Solutions: Clean Car Discount
Solutions: Energy
Support the California Clean Car Discount Bill
Action: Reduce Your Impact
California Global Warming Impacts and Solutions

UCS -- Great Lakes Region (US)
Great Lakes Communities and Ecosystems at Risk (Sol > Regional)
Links to many sub-regional study areas by state
Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems (K-12 > Enviro Sci, Biology)

UCS -- Northeast Region (US)
Extreme Heat in Our Cities ( animated graphic )
Northeast Climate Choices
Rising Temperatures
Dramatically Changing Climates - state by state animations
Extreme Heat in Our Cities - state by state animations
Regional Consequences, by activity and impact
Meeting the Climate Challenge, by Sector
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
Take Action - Contact Your Representatives
My Climate Choices: Share Your Photos and Stories
The Northeast Report - with State Summaries

UCS -- Other United States Regions
Regional Cap-and-Trade Programs to Cut Global Warming Emissions
(Sol > Governments, Regional & Local;)

City and County of San Francisco

Mayor: Certification of GHG Emissions
Department of the Environment
Climate Change Program
SF's Climate Action Plan [140 pg pdf]
Business Council on Climate Change
Regularly working together with:
Mobile Climate Science Labs

All working together to take on global warming:
•Scientists  •Educators •Museums •Kids •State of California •TV News
  Photos from 2008 Conference   2009   Exhibits

Boulder , Colorado
First US City to Implement Carbon Tax:  New York Times    MSNBC
Funding, in part, public awareness campaigns. Climate Smart
2007 Progress Report (32 pg pdf)    Climate Action Plan Tax
A Community Takes Charge (13 pg pdf)    FAQ (2 pg pdf)

UCS -- Great Lakes Region (US)
Great Lakes Communities and Ecosystems at Risk (Sol > Regional)
Links to many sub-regional study areas by state
Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems (K-12 > Enviro Sci, Biology)

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
U.S. States & Regions
Climate policies that US states and regionsare adopting
The Expanding Role of U.S. State Renewable Portfolio Standards - PDF
A Look at Emissions Targets - By State Entity
Table with live links to state policies and plans

Nature Conservancy
Local Impacts and Threats from Climate Change (PDFs); regional policy recommendations
New JerseyNew York

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