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Energy and Environmental Affairs: Climate Change
What is Climate Change?
Leading by Example: Climate Change
General information on climate change; case studies
Case Study 2: American College and University
Presidents Climate Commitment
(Word, 1 page)

Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)
Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change:
• Introduction to climate change
• What You Can Do
• What the State is Doing; toolkits for regional planning
Public Information Sessions on global warming:
Powerpoints from recent meetings; business oriented

Department of Education
Content Issues 2005 (pdf - 28 pages)
Lists Science and Technology courses for Middle and High School
that address or are principally about climate change.

Greenfox Schools
Greenfox Schools is a sustainability education organization providing
schools with programs, curriculum, and operational changes
to empower youth to create a sustainable world.

Focuses: Products, Food, Energy, Waste, and Greenspace.
Participant in Transformative Education Forum

Department of Fish and Game:
Adapting to Climate Change

• Impacts on fish and game    • Programs    • Adaptation
• Volunteer monitoring programs

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