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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida's Wildlife: On the Front Line of Climate Change (pdf, 44 pages)
A report from the 2008 Climate Change summit

Florida Oceans and Coastal Council
A Special Report to the Florida Energy
and Climate Commission and
the People of Florida - June 2009
(pdf, 40 pages)
Science-based, readable report on climate change
impacts in Florida.
Sarasota County Water Atlas "geared towards students
and teachers (K-12) as well as citizens".

Florida Climate Change
State Chief Financial Officer; Commissioner of Agriculture
State Portfolio Climate Risk Assessment (pdf, 8 pages)
Climate Change Overview
From the Tree Tops: A High-level View of Our Climate (pdf, 40 slides)
Sea Level Rise and Coastal Impacts (pdf, 51slides)
Commissioner's Workshop Videos:
The Bottom Line; Renewable Energy; Climate Change Overview

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