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Earth Under Fire
How Global Warming
Is Changing the World
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Woods Hole Woods Hole Ocean and Climate Change Institute   

NASA: Global Climate Change

Real Climate Real Climate--Rapid response comments by scientists on breaking news stories. New posts every week. Plus Archives.   

UCS Union of Concerned Scientists   Fact Sheets

Pew Center Pew Center   

Dr. James Hansen, NASA Director of
Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Tipping Point: Perspective of a Climatologist (12 pg pdf)
The Perfect Storm [Jan 2008 Presentation Charts, 12 pg pdf]
GISS 2007 Temperature Analysis (4 pg pdf)

Sea Level Rise and the Widespread
Destruction of US Coastal Cities

Atlantic City    • Boston   • Galveston    • Honolulu
Miami    • New Orleans    • New York City
Savannah    • San Francisco     • Seattle
Map Index -- Flood Zones

America's Climate Choices:
Study Launched

Understanding and Responding
to Climate Change

2008 Edition Now Available:

Download Booklet (28 pg pdf)
If in U.S., you may order up to 15 copies
NAS's Climate Change Site

2007 AAAS Conference
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Families, Kids, Students
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LBNL LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Labs)  

more California science and research sources. Advisors

IPCC IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change)  

Stephen H. Schneider,  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Stanford climate scientist with years supporting education.
Congratulations to Al Gore and our IPCC Scientist Heroes!
Stephen Schneider

Encyclopedia: Climate Change Collection
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Biographies of Scientists and Decision Makers
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