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AAAS Conference
17-21 February Washington DC
With Events for Teachers,
Families, Kids, Students
Photos Videos

American Geophysical Union
2010 Annual Conference -- 13-17 December. San Francisco

2007 Annual Conference
Our Changing Climate
Tracking Global Carbon
Can CO2 be a Good Thing?
Preventing Summer Heat Deaths
The Right Mix of Trees Fights Global Warming
Cleaning Up the CO2
More Stories (Archive)
Live Web Broadcast:
Abrupt Climate Change and Our Future
Public Lecture -- video:
How Do Scientists Know Global Warming is Real and Serious

International Climate Change Conference 2010   
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia -- Held 8-10 July, 2010
Sessions   Themes   Register   Science research focused conference.

IGLO Resources
Conference Features:
IGLO Special Session
California musuems exhibit
Polar Palooza -- for attendees
Director of Inconvient Truth
Hundreds of science centers, museums and aquariums
from across the planet came together at our annual conference
Los Angeles -- October 2007

Joining us at the Conference: NASA, NOAA, NCAR/UCAR, IPY,
JPL, LLL, UC Davis, Woods Hole, WGBH, NSF

For the 2007 ASTC/IGLO special session
on global warming science and action
provided the featured poster exhibit:
"Involving the Public in Climate Change Science and Solutions -- California's Science Centers, Museums & Aquariums."

Since 1999, ClimateChangeEducation.Org
docents have been volunteering thousands of hours annually at ASTC affiliated science centers to create and now implement global warming science education programs.
At the 2004 conference in San Jose, we campaigned to make climate change a leading topic for ASTC and the museums.

We encourage others to join with us in strongly supporting IGLO's work.

Scenes from the
2006 Annual ASTC Conference

held in Louisville, Kentucky:
With Special IGLO Sessions

Science museums around the world are making global warming their #1 science topic.
ASTC/IGLO is where it comes together.
More Science, Education Conferences

Former Annual Conferences
GWIC Global Warming International Conference  

a t
Tribal Lands Climate Conference
Hosted by Cocopah Nation.  With NWF, NASA,
Indigenous Environmental Network and many more .
12 Powerpoint Presentations & Animations
Held in Somerton, Arizona -- December 2006

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Sea Sink -- Conference in Portugal
26-28 June, 2008:   University Fernando Pessoa
Themes-- includes climate effects of toxicity in oceans
Students Invited to Attend (100 Euros before April 30)

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