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Scientific American Magazine -- Feb 2009
How Meat Contributes to G. Warming
Producing beef for the table has a surprising cost.
Scientific American Feature Topic: Global Warming

Scientific American Magazine -- 2008
Mending Ozone Hole May Benefit Climate Change
Fish Fin?: How CC Is Hurting Cold Water Fish
The Darkening Earth
Dark Side of Solar Cells Brightens
Biofuels Are Bad for Feeding People
and Combating Climate Change

Ocean Impact Map Reveals Human Reach Global
A Solar Grand Plan

Scientific American Magazine -- June 2008
Ethics and Ecomomics of Climate Change
Adults Paying Now or Kids Paying More Later
What the planet will be like for kids & future generations?

National Geographic Magazine: 2008
Jan: High-Tech Trash   Feb: Drying of the West
March: Iceland Power Struggle
June: World Oil  Energy: Send me to Siberia
July: Uneasy Eden -- Kingman Reef    Under Fire -- Western US
North Pole May Soon Have no Ice in Summer

Scientific American Magazine -- 2007
Climate Change Science Moves from Proof to Prevention
Future of 'Clean Coal' Power Tied to (Uncertain) Success of Carbon Capture and Storage
The Undeniable Case for Global Warming
Methane Plants and Climate Change
Global Warning: As Paris Blooms in Winter,
Scientists Debate Climate Change

Combating Climate Change: Farming Out Global Warming Solutions

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