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Scientific American Magazine -- Feb 2009
How Meat Contributes to G. Warming
Producing beef for the table has a surprising cost.
Scientific American Feature Topic: Global Warming

Clean Air -- Cool Planet
Climate and Farming .Org
Energy, Greenhouse Gases and Farming
Community Tool Kit -- Food
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Union of Concerned Scientists
• "Agriculture: a Growing Concern" (streaming video)

Greenfox Schools    
Greenfox Schools is a sustainability education organization providing
schools with programs, curriculum, and operational changes
to empower youth to create a sustainable world.

Focuses: Products, Food, Energy, Waste, and Greenspace.
Participant in Transformative Education Forum

Environmental Defense Fund
What You Can Do

Fighting Global Warming with Food
What You Eat Makes a Difference

Agriculture: Acres of Opportunity
Turning Waste into Energy; Storing Carbon in Soil

World Wildlife Fund
Pulp and palm oil - Sumatra's global climate impact
Indonesia pledges to protect its forests

Nature Conservancy
The True Cost of Biofuels
Deforestation, More Carbon

National Wildlife Federation
Population and Consumption (4 pg pdf)
Gardener's Guide to Global Warming
Gardeners Can Play an Important Role in Reducing GW  (2 pg pdf)

Rainforest Action Network
The Truth about Biofuels
. . . and their impacts on communities

Disasters escalating four-fold as climate change hits poor hardest
Weather-related disasters affect the most vulnerable

UK Government

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