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UK Government
Climate Change (for young people)
Basic info, transportation, what you can do
Greener travel: a quick guide
UK's Directgov Site Map

Sierra Club
SUVs and Global Warming
Driving Up the Heat - Take Action
Raise Fuel Economy of Our Cars and Light Trucks
The Biggest Single Step We Can Take

Union of Concerned Scientists
The Northeast: Meeting the Climate Challenge, by Sector
Solutions: Clean Car Discount in California

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Transportation in Developing Countries - Report in PDF
An Overview of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies

Environmental Defense Fund
Drive Smart: Fuel Savings Add Up
Drive efficiently

Cars: Pollution Solutions in Reach
Tallying Greenhouse Gases from Cars

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Hybrid Values
What makes a hybrid such a good buy - what's on the market.

NOVA: The Car of the Future
"Car Talk" Guys Search for Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Watch On-line
Local Listing Schedule

Rainforest Action Network
The Truth about Biofuels
. . . and their impacts on communities


European Commission -- Directorate -- General for Energy and Transportation: Kids Corner
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