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Household Actions to Reduce Global Warming
Take Action at School

UK Government
Climate Change (for young people)
Basic info, transportation, what you can do
Greener living guide
Carbon Footprint Calculator - animated
Calderdale climate change leaflets to download
Kid friendly PDFs - general info, carbon calculator
What you can do -- volunteering

Union of Concerned Scientists
•  What You Can Do About Global Warming
Ten Personal Solutions
The Northeast: Take Action - Contact Your Representatives
The Northeast: My Climate Choices: Share Your Photos and Stories
The Northeast Report
With State Summaries
Support the California Clean Car Discount Bill

UK Activism
What you can do

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
A Consumer's Guide to Buying Clean Energy (Español)
Hybrid Values
What makes a hybrid such a good buy - what's on the market.
How to Fight Global Warming
Take these steps and you'll help reduce global warming pollution
How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption
Tips for conserving electricity and cutting your energy costs.
Beat the Heat (interactive blog/map)
Fight global warming, one person at a time.
Here Comes the Sun
Solar power has finally made it to the suburbs.

National Wildlife Federation
Personal Solutions
Recycle    • Volunteer     • Campus Climate Initiative

Host Chill Out On Your Campus
Mulitmedia Video Winners

Environmental Defense Fund
Get Involved
What You Can Do

Sierra Club
Ten Things You Can Do
To Help Curb Global Warming

Rainforest Action Network
Ryse Campus Climate Challenge High School Guide (PDF)
Take Action

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