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UK Government
What is being done about climate change in the UK
Climate Change Overview
History, international responses, UK proposals, what you can do
Climate Change
Causes, effects, what you can do, carbon calculator, solutions
UK and California make climate change deal
Mission statement in PDF
British Council's International Climate Champions program
Action in the UK - The UK Climate Change Programme
Priorities for action, reports to Parliament in PDFs
UK report to Parliament on climate change (PDF)
Forward by Tony Blair; impacts and recommendations by segment
Legislation: taking the Climate Change Bill forward
Progress; impact assessments; binding carbon budgets
Action in the UK - UK Climate Change Programme 2000
Impacts, strategies, emission reduction
Climate change and energy
Impacts, UK adaptations, actions
UK and EU emissions trading
Carbon offsetting; personal carbon allowances
Guide to the IPCC
What's being done to help fight climate change?
Greener travel: a quick guide
Envrionmental program index page

Union of Concerned Scientists
The impact of land use on climate change
Regional Cap-and-Trade Programs to Cut Global Warming Emissions
•  Renewable Electricty Standards Toolkit
•  Renewable Electricty Standards Toolkit

The Northeast: Meeting the Climate Challenge, by Sector
The Northeast: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
The Northeast: Take Action - Contact Your Representatives
An Open Letter on Global Warming from California Economists
Support the California Clean Car Discount Bill
California Global Warming Impacts and Solutions
•  Three Climate Bills Working Their Way through the Senate
•  Bali Bulletin
•  A Target for U.S. Emissions Reductions
•  Cap-and-Trade Backgrounder
•  Tropical Deforestation and Climate Change
•  Practical Solutions to Global Warming
•  Renewable Energy--Mitigating Global Warming

World Wildlife Fund
Seeking Legal Protections for the Polar Bear
Audio of Congressional testimony
Policy Recommendations for the G8 Nations
Vision for 2050 (PDF, 3 MB)
Meeting world energy needs while protecting the climate
Climate Witnesses
Tool enabling world citizens to verify observations of global warming

Greener Development for Chinese Cities
Low Carbon Initiative in Shanghai and Boading

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
U.S. States & Regions
Climate policies that US states and regionsare adopting
The Expanding Role of U.S. State Renewable Portfolio Standards - PDF
A Look at Emissions Targets - By US State Entity
Table with live links to state policies and plans

US Federal
Pew analyses for Congressmembers and staff
Towards a practical international climate framework
The European Union & Global Climate Change - PDF
A Review of Five National Programmes
Climate Change Mitigation In The People’s Republic Of China (PDF)

Heat: View it on-line (2 hrs)
TV Schedule (US)    Teacher's Guide
An investigation into one of the greatest
crises humankind has ever faced.
Synopsis    Reading    Site Map   Get DVD
Journalism Students: Guidelines   Martin Smith

Sierra Club
Local Governments with Innovative Solutions
Status Reports on 962 Cities
- Choose Your U.S. Region
Best Practices, Campaign Handouts, Training,
Climate Action Plans, Background, Personal Action

Clean Air -- Cool Planet
Community Solutions to Global Warming
How communities the NE are reducing their impacts
Ask candidates for political office about their positions

Nature Conservancy
Reducing Emissions from All Major Emitters
Forest Carbon Policies
Prepare to Adapt to Climate Change

Pacific Institute
The Implications of Global Climatic Changes for International Security (Congressional Testimony, May 2006, PDF)
Climate and International Security

Get Involved
Find out how to get involved in your community (map)
UK Activism
What you can do

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Legislation to Control Global Warming Pollution
And NRDC policy papers.

National Wildlife Federation
Confronting Global Warming Through Federal Legislation
Find Out about the Energy Bill   • What is Your Legislator's Position?

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