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Involving 100,000's in climate science with
hands-on science demonstrations and labs
Building education partnerships.
At the service of teachers, students, kids, museums, & families
Since 1999
Make a real difference -- volunteer with us!

Global Warming Education Network
New nonprofit dedicated to spreading awareness
and encouraging action.
Connecting the Dots    Links
Events (Primarily in New England Region, USA)

How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

New Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
   Teacher Guide   Cover Photo   


Al Gore: Nobel Prize  for Global Warming Education
An Inconvenient Truth
Yes, public education is itself a big part of real solutions.
You can make a big difference, as a professional educator, or volunteer!
Informed Action, Response, Lifestyle, Choices.

Campaign for Environmental Literacy
U.S. federal funding and environmental education
Supporting Environmental Literacy

Union of Concerned Scientists
While UCS focuses on research and policy, they do produce
wonderful educational materials -- written in accessible language.
We have found them to be very supportive partners in educators.
Fact sheets. Web Resources. Brochures. Science Advisors.

      Cool the Earth      
Engaging kids and their families in climate change by motivating
them to take simple, measurable actions to conserve energy.
Collectively, these actions, and an increased awareness of energy,
will make a significant impact on global warming.
For K-8 students and their parents, families.

Little know fact:
In May 2007, then Senator Obama Authored the
Climate Change Education Act:
Senate Bill S. 1389
The bill died, receiving very little support from those with influence.
. Even the major environmental groups in the US showed no support.
Alas, in America it's often more about politics, lobbying and business.
For so many years, it's been up to volunteers, teachers and kids
to take on the tasks of developing and promoting
involving, engaging science education for the public.
We'll keep going -- it's too important not to.

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