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Lighten Up!
Interfaith Documentary

Islamic Perspectives on Climate Change

Regeneration Project
Diverse Interfaith Power and Light leaders
speak on climate protection
(with video)
Western Climate Initiative petition to sign
Sign it on-line
Earth Day Sample Sermons from several faiths
With streaming videos

California Interfaith Power and Light
Links to faith-based initiatives, leaders, solutions
Petition for action to Toyota
Supporting CA Clean Car regulations
Calls to action, resources, events, media coverage, press releases
Checklist for ways to support climate protection in your congregation
Links to supporting resources
Theological Basis for Ecostewardship
Interfaith scripture, statements, sermons
Public Policy
Education links
Global warming facts, EJ, Carbon Calculatores, Public Policy, Health Impacts, Kids, Interfaith study guides
Resource Links
Faith based energy initiatives, other faith-based organizations,
general global warming
Ethical analysis of climate science and policy
Adaptation and Responsibility for Damages
Distributive and Intergenerational Justice
General Climate Ethics
Human Rights - Universal Rights
Procedural Justice and Fair Process

Al Gore
Moral action and clmate change
Barbar Walters inteview - video
Interview - on moral leadership - 2005
Charlie Rose one hour interview - video

Ecumenical Eco Justice Network
Climate Change and Stewardship of God's Creation
Breaking the Cycle of Denial
World Council of Churches and Climate Change

Supreme Master TV
SOS Global Warming (Video)
Climate-friendly diet (Video)
North Pole’s Arctic Sea Ice Predicted to be Gone by Summer 2008

Unitarian Universalist Association
Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change
2006 Statement of Conscience
Climate Change and Environmental Justice
Unitarian Universalist Witness for the Earth Rally (YouTube Video)

Massachusetts Conference - United Church of Christ
350 Challenge
Join hundreds of MACUCC churches in a climate awareness campaign -
Ring your church bell 350 times; sample press release

Secular Moral Discussions
The Moral Challenge of Climate Change (PDF)
Socially responsible investing and climate change funds
Climate Change, Ethics and You
SCIAF - Scotland's aid agency - consultatoin on Climate Change Bill (Word doc)
Bhopal, Climate Change Require Shift From Legal Liability to Moral Accountability
Investment News
Climate Ethics, Climate Justice
Defined at Wikipedia
Ethics in Climate Change
Penn State University
Links to cooperating institutions

Interfaith Resources
EU Invokes Bible and Koran
Lighten Up!
Rev. Sally Bingham's award-winning documentary (preview clip)

Jewish Leadership and Climate Change
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
Links to Jewish climate change teachings
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Climate Change action resources

Christian Leadership and Climate Change
United Church of Canada Calls for G8 Action on Climate Change
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Enter "climate change" in Search
A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change
Vatican message on climate change for world's Catholics

Islamic Leadership and Climate Change

Virginia Muslims cite Koran to fight global warming
Islamic Perspectives on Climate Change: Highlights (streaming video)

Bahia Leadership and Climate Change
Ethics and Climate Change

Hindu Leadership and Climate Change
Physicist stresses Hinduism’s relation to the Earth and what happiness means
Climate change could throw into turmoil Hindus' most intimate religious traditions

Buddhist Leadership and Climate Change
Dalai Lama: A Green Environment for Now and the Future
Climate Change: Towards a Buddhist Response
Network of Engaged Buddhists e-Debate on Climate Change

Native American Spiritual Leadership and Climate Change
Indians speak forcefully on climate
Sacred ceremony to pray for "Earth Mother."

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