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Nature Conservancy
Fast Facts About Climate Change
Climate Change Impacts
Confronting a Global Crisis
Evidence, effects
Impacts on Inland U.S.
Climate Change Quiz
Biking Through Climate Change in Montana

The True Cost of Biofuels
Deforestation, More Carbon

The Role of Forests in Reducing Emissions

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Agricultural and Forestlands: U.S. Carbon Policy - Report in PDF
Land Use & Global Climate Change - Report in PDF
Forests, Land Management, and the Kyoto Protocol

National Wildlife Federation
Population and Consumption (4 pg pdf)
Gardener's Guide to Global Warming
Gardeners Can Play an Important Role in Reducing GW  (2 pg pdf)

South Africa: Where Has All the Water Gone?
Effects of climate change on water, crops

Nicaragua: The Miskitos People
Loss of rain, crops
Asia: the Threat to Human Development and the Environment
What's being done

Union of Concerned Scientists
• "Agriculture: Growing Concern" (streaming video)

Conservation International
Forest Conservation
. . . will combat climate change and help developing nations

Environmental Defense Fund
Agriculture: Acres of Opportunity
Turning Waste into Energy; Storing Carbon in Soil

Sierra Club
Early Implementation Solutions for Your Community (PDF)

Rainforest Action Network
Protecting the Boreal Forests of North America
Protecting Global Rainforests from Biomass Exploitation
Rainforest Agribusiness

UK Government
Climate Change (for young people)
Basic info, transportation, what you can do
Greener travel: a quick guide
UK's Directgov Site Map

Clean Air -- Cool Planet
Global Warming: Science and Policy
Scientists seeking answers to climate-friendly agriculture, forestry, and energy

Inquiry Into Geosequestration (Australia)
Can it work?

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