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Major Sources of Science Resources for Educators and Students
Defenders of Science (Debunking denialism, non-science/non-sense, confusion)
Government Programs (Research, Education and Public Outreach)
Policy Advisors (also producing material for the public)
Research Institutions (Beyond those which are promarily governmental)
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Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming FAQ's
Global Warming 101 -- Overview and list of topics
The Science of Global Warming
Climate Hot Map: Early Warning Signs
2005 Tied 1998 as World's Hottest Year
Migrating Climates Animation

Policy Advocacy Organizations


IPCC Synthesis Report
Comprehensive Research -- Warnings

"Global Warming is Unequivocal"

USA Today     New York Times     Washington Post
Fourth Assessment Report -- Summary by UCS

America's Climate Choices:
Study Launched

Policy Advisors
Understanding and Responding
to Climate Change

Download Booklet (28 pg pdf)
If in U.S., you may order up to 15 copies
NAS's Climate Change Site

Government Advisory

Union of Concerned Scientists   Fact Sheets

The Big Melt: Lessons from the Arctic Summer of 2007
Carbon Equity -- Australia

Arctic sea ice is disintegrating "100 years ahead of schedule", having dropped 22% this year below the previous minimum low, and it may completely disappear as early as the northern summer of 2013.
Summary   Full Report (101 page pdf; free but must register)
5 keys to a safe-climate future  (2 page pdf)
Ominous Tipping Point: National Geographic News

Sea Level Rise and the Widespread
Destruction of US Coastal Cities

Atlantic City    • Boston   • Galveston    • Honolulu
Miami    • New Orleans    • New York City
Savannah    • San Francisco     • Seattle
Map Index -- Flood Zones

IPCC IPCC (Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change)  

2011 Climate Education Specialists, since 1999
We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.