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Nova: Iceland and Global Warming

Antarctic Scientist:
"How do we know?"

Magic Planet

How Do We Know It is

What is Climate Change?
Brief Basics -- WatchMojo

Comparing Natural &
Human Caused Factors

David Attenborough


Water Vapor And
Climate Change

Video short

and Global Warming

Pine Island Glacier
Ice Shelf


World leading university program in climate education and outreach, resources
About     Univ. of Colorado at Boulder -- Office of University Outreach     Continuing Ed
Scientist Interviews -- Videos    
Colorado and a Warming Planet Pine Beetle Epidemic
A Hotter, Drier Colorado   Listening to Colorado's Ecology
New Energy for Colorado   Education and Solutions in Colorado

Ireland EPA Videos:
Global Effects of Climate Change
Limiting and Adapting to CC    Climate Change Lecture Series Videos

Extreme Ice
NOVA/Nat'l Geographic

Take Aim
At Climate Change

Climate Chge 101 Seminars
Calif. Impacts -- Overview
University of Calif., Davis

Nova: Dimming the Sun

The Great Warming

Who Killed the Electric Car?
(movie trailer)

   Lawrence Hall of Science -- NOAA -- Stephen Schneider   
Global Warming: Is the Science Settled Enough for Policy?
Original webcast April 1, 2009      Full Video 53:40

What's changed in 20 years?
The unequivocal facts.
What is the tipping point?

Viewable in 20 Segments

How Do We Know It is

Global Warming FAQ's
Union of Concerned Scient's

Magic Planet

Polar Palooza - online at the poles - scientific process, personalities of Arctic researchersand residents

AAAS Climate Change

John Doerr:
Seeking salvation and
profit in greentech


NRDC: Wind Power
A Global Warming Solution

The Convenient Solution
Greenpeace, UK

Climate Chge 101 Seminars
Calif. Impacts -- Overview
University of Calif., Davis

Scientific American Frontiers
Hot Planet, Cold Comfort

Discovery Channel
Project Earth

Discovery Channel
Global Warming:
Video from the Field

PBS - Scientific American
Hot Times in Alaska

David Keith
A surprising idea for "solving" climate change

Extreme Ice
NOVA/Nat'l Geographic

Nature on PBS
Arctic Bears Facing
Hard Choices -
The Impact of Arctic Melting

Science Historian
Naomi Oreskes
[1 hr 14 min]

More videos on our NASA page.

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