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Animals Save the Planet

Energy Efficient Penguin
Animals Save the Planet

Climate Scientist Intro
to Hippoworks Cartoon

Polar Bears Discussing GW
Australian Greens

Earthkeepers Video

Ocean Acidification

Hermie the Hermit Crab
Australian Government

Hermie the Hermit Crab
Great Barrier Reef
Marine Park Authority

CO2 the Other Problem
Produced by Ridgeway School
(Plymouth, UK) and PML.
Funded by the E POCA

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Small Acts Big Impacts - video from SeedsIndia,
New Delhi, India

Animation by Dipu Mistry, Columbia College of Art

Home Sweet Home

Animation by Charlie Thompson

Bringing Up the Kids

"Global Warming: It's All About Carbon"
Robert Krulwich's five-part cartoon series on NPR

Eco Animation:
Happy Christmas

Eco Animation:
Happy Christmas

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