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Climate Poker for
schools, families, friends:
Play Copenhagen!
What countries can you
get to the table to protect
the Earth's climate?
Serious fun!

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Independent Education Union
COP 15 and Beyond   Counting Down to Copenhagen
Educating for a Sustainable Future Fact Sheet [14 pg pdf]
Leading School: All Saints Primary School -- Liverpool
Southern Cross: Solutions & Clean Energy Jobs   Brochure
Environmental Programs - Where to go for green tips
|Green Day at Pre-school (Sustainability event) Video

An effective, inspiring and powerful network

Union Climate Connectors
Clean Energy Jobs    Videos:Union Climate TV   QPSU Climate Heroes
Buildings   Energy Efficiency   Biomaterials   Sustainable Water   Waste & Recycling

I'm a Climate Scientist -- don't mess with these scientist rappers

Director/Writer: Dan Ilic. Made for the television show Hungry Beast (ABC-TV).

The Big Picture Book of the Environment
By John Long
Used by over 80% of primary schools in Australia. Ages 8-13.
"This enjoyable book is an important primer for children interested in the environment" -- Professor Tim Flannery
Award Winning Author. Reviews by Teachers  Teacher Notes
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            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
Arguments   Quick access URL's    Smartphone apps!      Book      About
ResourcesGuide   Graphics   Politician quotes: Myth Busters   Links sorted by argument
Translations: content available in over a dozen languages
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Australian Government Department
of Meteorology

Climate Education:
What's the difference between climate and weather?

Resources for Students and Teachers
(Includes lesson plans
and worksheets)
- Help for Teachers
Climate and People: Find out how climate change
directly affects you.

Climate tips for travelers

Climate Change in Australia
Site developed by Commonwealth Scientific
and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
and the Bureau of Meteorology in partnership
with the Australian Greenhouse Office
through the Australian Climate Change
Science Program.
Australia's Future Climate: Click on a region in
Australia to see future projections of climate
in the years 2030, 2050 and 2070.
Hot topics in climate science:
Is recent climate change unusual in a
geographical context?

Australian Government Department of Climate Change
Actions being taken by the government; actions householders can take.
Climate Change Adaptations Skills for Professionals Program
Grants for managing resources under emerging climate stresses

An Australian Guide to the Science and Potential Impacts

Australian Academy of Science
Warmer and sicker? Global warming and human health
Annual symposium:
Dangerous Climate Change: Is it inevitable?
Addresses and papers, May 2008
Papers, awards, interviews with scientists . . .

Australian Council of Trade Unions
Global Warming Position Paper - March 2008 (pdf)
Advocating education

Climate change will cut the wages of working Australians
Towards and Effective and Fair Response
to Climate change

More Climate Change in Australia

Indigenous Times
Top Indigenous science students go to university to tackle climate change

The Age - Newspapers in Education
Global warming coming to a planet near you

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