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Ireland Environmental Protection Agency
What We Do    Air and Climate Science
What We Monitor:   Air Quality    Climate Change
Ireland's Greenhouse Gas Inventory
FAQ on Climate Change   
The EPA and Climate Change [pdf: 20 Page Pamphlet]

For Teachers and Schools
2020 Vision -- For Secondary Schools: the EPA's strategy to the year 2020.
Outlines six goals to protect and improve Ireland's Environment.
Limiting and Adapting to Climate Change
Basics: Climate change and the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect 2
Climate Change and Ireland
Climate Change Lesson   Student Exercises
Lesson Plan 1: CC & Ireland    Lesson Plan 2 : Local Effects -- Flooding
Cleachtadh Tuisceana - Iarmhairtí Domhanda den Athrú Aeráide

Listing of Educational Publications

For Kids, Students
How to set up an Eco Club   Catulator Game [for 8-10 year olds]

Global Effects of Climate Change
Limiting and Adapting to CC    Climate Change Lecture Series Videos
Introduction to Ireland's Environment in the 21st Century

You Tube Channel
A Burning Question   Dublin: City of Science 2012   GEO Carbon Monitoring Showcase
Climate Change Lecture Series    Earthtalks    Ireland's Sustainable Future
Climate Change Conference 2010

Eco Eye TV-- episodes shown on RTÉ television
Series 6, Episode 3: Climate Change       Series 7, Episode 4: Our Carbon Footprint

Climate Change -- General Audience
Advice > Air > Climate Change   Environment in Focus
Twitter Page -- EPA Climate News

Research    Reports
Extreme Weather, Climate and Natural Disasters in Ireland
Climate Change Research Programme (CCRP) 2007-2013 Report Series No. 5

Press Release -- Nov 01 2010: EPA and DOEHLG joint educational resources launch
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Global Effects of Climate Change
Video by EPA Ireland



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