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Russia and the European Commission
Russian Parliament clears the way for the
Kyoto Protocol

Europe's Environment - The Fourth Assessment -
Climate Change
[pdf - 30 pages]
(many descriptions of Russian Federation
and climate change)

UCEE: The Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency
and the Environment
Proceeds from Kyoto, Regional Conferences
Course: “Energy efficiency and climate change problem”
(available online in Russian)
Moscow Greenhouse Gases Forum (2006)

WWF-Russia Climate Programme
Aimed at curbing global CO2 emissions and helping
ecosystems adapt to new climate patterns

Russia Beyond the Headlines
Will there be tropical fruits in Siberia within 50 years?

            Skeptical Science      
International team applying real scientific skepticism to examine denier arguments.
Great resource for teachers, parents, and students; classroom and public discussions.
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Russian and Eurasian Security Network
As Climate Change Thins Polar Ice, a
New Race for Arctic Resources Begins

. . . many more papers and proceedings here

Woods Hole Research Center
Russia's Importance: natural systems
Russian Forest Research and Conservation
Understanding a Warming Arctic

More . . .
Comparison of Russia and Poland - Climate Change
Audrey Johnson and Jonathan Farrugia, Univ. of Michigan
Russian Scientists Fear Warming May Bring Disease; also
Climate Change Cited in Siberian Landscape Shift
National Public Radio (audio)
Children Fight Climate Change
The World Affairs Blog Network
Analysis: Climate change and Russian gas
Earth Times
Russia and neighbouring countries:
environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change

By I.E. Chestin, WWF UK

The 4-casters
Zach, Tyler, Chris and Andrew

Lake Baikal, Russia
Website     Skit
Climate Impacts on Lake Superior

Sharing Their Research
4-casters First LEGO League Team Robot

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