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Initial Communication fo UNFCCC (pdf, 169 pages)
Iran's Climate Change Office

National Report on Climate Change (pdf, 128 pages)

Initial Communication Report Under the UN Framework (pdf, 179 pg)

First National Communication on Climate Change to the U.N. (pdf, 164 pg)

Earthtrends Climate and Atmosphere Profile for Myanmar (pdf, 7 pages)

Climate Change Website written in Myanmar Language
From basics to latest developments
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Integrated Effort For Development Nepal
News    Partners    Gallery    Contacts
Established in Nepal with purpose of sustainable development led by a
group of professionals in the sustainable development field.
IED focus upon health, education, environment ,women & children and
communication.We are always focus on local solution for global problem.

Video: Effects of global warming on Himalayan Glaciers
UNEP Press Release on Effects in Mountain Areas
Photographs (flickr)     

Ministry of Enviromental Affairs:
Coping with the Adverse Effects of Climate Change

Оценочный доклад об изменениях климата и их последствиях на
территории Российской Федерации

(Evaluation report on climate change and their impact
on the territory of Russia)

South Korea
National Communication to the U.N. Framework Convention (pdf, 177 pg)

Sri Lanka
National Communication to the U.N. Framework Convention (pdf, 122 pg)

Climate School

Nagenahiru Foundation
Restoring the mangrove forests; winner of One World Award 2008.
Please help them find related resources about climate change.

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