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Natural Resources Canada
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Adaptation 101
Regional Map linking to full regional reports.
Research Database by project type and by province.
Climate Change Impact Posters by region.
Presentations - Speaker Series - PDF downloads

Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation
Research Network (C-CIARN) Archives

Research, presentations
Adapting to Climate Change : An Introduction for
Canadian Municipalities - HTML and PDF (36 page)

University of Victoria
Pacific Institute for Climate Solution
Climate Solutions Network

Facilitating communication and collaboration among
researchers, scientists, policy-makers and other
stakeholders in the area of climate change.

PICS At A Glance
PICS Research
PICS Fellowships

BC Campus Climate Network
A partnership of climate change and sustainability organizations at high
schools, colleges, universities and other education institutions across B.C.

Youth driven project at Thompson Rivers University, the University of
Victoria and the University of British Columbia, reaching out to
thousands of students across the province to educate, inspire, engage
and support youth taking climate action on their campuses
and in their communities.
Going Beyond Climate-Neutral:
Education, Partnerships andPlanning

University of Calgary Continuing Education

BMC 138 Global Warming and Climate Change

2009   Created by docents, scientists, teachers, students, artists...
Thank you NASA Goddard, for base image: composite satellite photos of Earth.