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City of Vancouver     
One Day ProgramKids  Teachers  Parents  Schools
Sustainability:  Green Homes   Electric Vehicles
Climate Protection:  2 pg pdf    31pg (full report)

Metro Vancouver
The Sustainable Region TV Program
Scroll down to Episode 37: Climate Change:
5-part streaming video

City of Regina     
Climate Change Education Package for Grade 5
Downloadable, build-it-yourself board game

Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation
Research Network (C-CIARN) Archives

Research, presentations
Adapting to Climate Change : An Introduction for
Canadian Municipalities - HTML and PDF (36 page)

Clean Air Partnership - Climate Change
Toronto Region
Adaptation Strategies
Alliance for Resilient Cities
North / South Climate Change Network
Urban Heat Island
Local Climate Visioning Tools: Extreme Heat Decision Support
System Fleet Emissions Tool
Climate Change Adaptation in the City of Toronto:
Lessons for Great Lakes Communities

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