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Special Advisory to Science Educators
When it comes to the greenhouse effect, climate change & global warming;
for hands-on resources, be sure you know the difference between:
The flawed, faulty and faked demonstrations, labs and activities...

and the scientifically strong, vetted, authentic hands-on science demos

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Partnerships between climate researchers and secondary school teachers
Materials for Teaching Climate Change Regional Projects
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France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland

Teknikens Hus    Home [English]    About
     Exhibit: Klimatgreppet (Grasping Climate) [English]
      Very Hands On. Physical Interactives. Includes link to descriptive film.
Teacher Guidebook [72 page! pdf]     Links
Travelling Exhibit: Brochure[15 pg pdf]   Tour Schedule

Exhibit:Cold Poles Hot Stuff -- Arctic and Antarctic research
Tour Schedule     Brochure     Descriptive Film [Swedish]

California Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego)
Education & Public Outreach   Energy Resource Center
Energy Efficiency   Climate Change
  Dr. Andrea Cook, Staff Scientist
New!: Green Learning Adventure   Photos
Calendar: Workshops and Events Resource Links
Exhibitor at California CC Conference   AAAS Climate Literacy Conference

Family Science Days -- Hands-on. With ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Pacific Science Center -- Seattle
Interactive Live Science Demonstration: Ice under Fire
Demonstration developed by Alice Altair Gift Enevoldsen
Outline   Full Script   Handout
Carbon dioxide sensor on top of Seattle Space Needle
Live Presentation: Combustion

Birch Aquarium at Scripps -- San Diego
Feeling the Heat:
The Climate Challenge

Slideshow of Exhibit   
Be a Volunteer     Best Bets for More Information

Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors: Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, pH, more.
Processors, displays, analyzers.
Activities, Experiments, Labs, Curriculum, Training
Compatible with equipment already available in
tens of thousands of schools worldwide.
In use, recommended by

Sciencenter -- Ithaca, New York -- Climate Change Toolkit:
Ten hands-on activities
Four Portable Self-Guided Exhibits Kits (Discovery Boxes)
    Public Presentation: CO2 and You   Museum Field Trip Program

Communicating Climate Change -- C3   ASTC's C3 website
Science Museum Tools   Evaluation reports
European Museum Coverage of Global Climate Change 2007 Monograph

National Center for Atmospheric Research
For schools and at NCAR campus -- Boulder, Colorado
Super Science Saturday - October Feature page   
AAAS Conference 2007

Climate &

AAAS's Family Science Days
America's Finest Annual Hands-on Science Event, NCAR, NASA
California Center for Sustainable Energy
Birch Aquarium, Hippo Works Animation
Featuring Pasco Scientific
Creating Climate Change Art -- with art instruction

We Are Saving the World .Org
Education program using empty water bottles
Growing Algae, Absorbing CO2

Building The Bio Solar CO2 Absorber     Participating Schools
Based in Chengdu, China

Solar Schoolhouse

Slideshow Introduction

Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators

Global Warming Discovery --  Hands-On Science Demonstration
Volunteers bringing science museum demos to Bay Area schools   
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle

We have inquiries out to UNESCO regarding their interest in hands-on
education. Do they have any practical plans to connect with hands-on
science education that relates to climate change? On any or all continents.
We have been referred to a central department director; thusfar: no response.

UNESCO -- hands-on science education emphasis
"UNESCO believes that the best way to increase studentsí interest in
science-related subjects is by using teaching methods that appeal to
the curiosity and creativity that characterize all children. The use of
hands-on and inquiry-based activities develops team-working,
critical thinking and problem-solving skills."

UNESCO resources:
Environmental Education Activities for Primary Schools:
Suggestions for making and using low-cost equipment

Popularization of Science and Technology:
What Informal and Nonformal Education Can Do?
Contains enlightening analysis of education systems in several countries.

UN CC:Learn
UN CC:Learn is a partnership of 23 UN agencies launched in 2009 to offer services to
Member States, UN agencies and other development parties interested in designing
and delivering effective, results-oriented and sustainable learning on climate change.


Fun, active learning. Doing the science. Experiencing, proving it.
Bringing the evidence right to the kids and public

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