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Mobile Climate Science Labs   
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Trainings; Conferences;†Universities;†Business; Government

UNESCO believes that the best way to increase studentsí interest in science-related
subjects is by using teaching methods that appeal to the curiosity and creativity that
characterize all children. The use of hands-on and inquiry-based activities develops
team-working, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

UN CC:Learn
UN CC:Learn is a partnership of 23 UN agencies launched in 2009 to offer services to
Member States, UN agencies and other development parties interested in designing
and delivering effective, results-oriented and sustainable learning on climate change.


Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors: Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, pH, more.
Processors, displays, analyzers.
Activities, Experiments, Labs, Curriculum, Training
Compatible with equipment already available in
tens of thousands of schools worldwide.
In use, recommended by

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Partnerships between climate researchers and secondary school teachers
Materials for Teaching Climate Change Regional Projects
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