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Regional haze over the Highveld project:
Enlisting school pupils in climate change research

University of the Witwatersrand

UNESCO believes that the best way to increase studentsí interest in science-related
subjects is by using teaching methods that appeal to the curiosity and creativity that
characterize all children. The use of hands-on and inquiry-based activities develops
team-working, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Climate Change Explorer Tool
weADAPT and the University of Cape Town

UN CC:Learn
UN CC:Learn is a partnership of 23 UN agencies launched in 2009 to offer services to
Member States, UN agencies and other development parties interested in designing
and delivering effective, results-oriented and sustainable learning on climate change.


Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors: Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, pH, more.
Processors, displays, analyzers.
Activities, Experiments, Labs, Curriculum, Training
Compatible with equipment already available in
tens of thousands of schools worldwide.
In use, recommended by

Fun, active learning. Doing the science. Experiencing, proving it.
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