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Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect: Experience the Evidence
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Scientifically Strong, Vetted Hands-on Demonstrations and Lab Experiments -- Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect
Demos Focusing on the Mechanisms of Global Warming, "The Greenhouse Effect"
Programs with hands-on demos, labs and activities more broadly on climate change, global warming, ocean acidification and solutions found here.

Iain Stewart's
excellent on-line video demonstration

Professor of Geosciences Communication at the
School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Science,
University of Plymouth

Using 3-5 micron imaging, with 4.3 m filtering for CO2.

Birch Aquarium
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego

Scientifically sound demos that really work.

True hands-on exhibit:
Feeling the Heat

TV Evening News Broadcasts

Edited segments of demos

Pacific Science Center--Seattle
Interactive Live Science Demonstration:
Ice under Fire

Developed by
Alice Altair Gift Enevoldsen

Outline   Full Script   Handout

Lawrence Hall of Science:
Science center of the University of California, Berkeley
Global Systems Science & NASA's Lifelines
for High School Climate Change Education

Teknikens Hus   
Travelling Exhibit: Grasping Climate
Brochure    Guidebook    Film
Tour Schedule

Sciencenter -- Ithaca, New York
Ten hands-on activities

Global Warming Discovery
Demo presented as a medly
or with selected components.

For 300,000+, since 2000.

Climate Science Demonstration
Development and Deployment
Working Groups

Climate science hands-on education specialists,
scientists, engineers, teachers, communicators, artists,
equipment manufacturers, aquarium & museum staff,
docents, students and parents.

Continually developing and testing new demos.
But never represent as vetted and ready
a demo that doesn't actually do what is claimed.
No tricks, no faked science. No cheap short cuts.
Creating accessible, reproducible, fun,
inexpensive as possible, always safe presentations.

Mobile Climate Science Labs
Hands-on demos, labs, experiments & activities
Serving Northern California; networking internationally.

Students & public get to do the experiments themselves.

Discovery of global warming and
"the greenhouse effect" from many angles.
Fun, involving experiences in science.
Bringing science tools & evidence to the public:

Incoming solar radiation.
Reaction between atmosphere and incoming energy.
Absorption and reflection: IR and visible light energy --
solids, liquids and gases.
Nature of infrared in each energy band.
Emission of energy by solids, liquids and gases.
Resultant temperature changes.
Heat transfer: radiation, convection, conduction.
Energy science basics.
Sources of carbon dioxide: human and natural.
Fundamental chemistry of combustion.
Relative amounts of carbon dioxide produced & removed.
Various properties of CO2, other gases.
Molecular bonds, vibration, quantum energy states.
Other greenhouse gases.
Common confusion about "the greenhouse effect"
Atmospheric composition: Earth, planets. Over time.
Planetary & space studies.
Flawed, faulty & fake demos -- be a deception detective.
"Hoaxes and theories" used daily by industry & military.
Testing new demos; reviewing demos by others.
How specific science research missions gather data,
create and test models. Connect with scientists.

Discoveries and technological innovation, careers.
(Each delivering required state K-12 content standards)

Labs & demos customized to suit wide variety:
Appropriate for audiences/ages (6-106): primary,
secondary school, college & university, general public,
museums, journalists, science communicators,
government officials & staff, or business.
Broadcast television.
Delivering K-12 state science content standards.
Hands-on investigation & experimentation requirements.
Academic disciplines: e.g. chemistry, physics, earth
sciences, life sciences, energy, math, etc.
Brief to in-depth. Outdoor or indoor. Language.
Cost of equipment; expected level of rough treatment.
Educator professional development, hands-on experience.
Mentorship for kids and parents who lead presentions.

Audience participants: 10 to 1000 per day.
Within events attended by up to 100,000 per day

Range of technology used in labs & demos:
Very inexpensive, low tech, readily available materials
Basic, common lab equipment
Sensors, probeware designed for school use.
Custom designed & manufactered equipment.
Thermal imaging (7-13 microns) video cameras
Technology developed for energy efficient buildings.
Imaging 3-5 micron IR , with 4.3 μm cold filtering

All labs and demos encourage:
Active involvement, learning;
Skepticism, critical thinking, discussion;
Testing, challenging, verifying, questioning.
Looking for flaws, seeking feedback.
Have fun! Discovery that is both serious and playful.
Safety and scientific accuracy absolute essentials.
Always eager to improve, correct errors.

MythBusters -- TV Show
Testing global warming theory -- does CO2 warm air?

Demonstration is what it claims. Fun to watch.
Makes clear: this is a difficult demonstration to do.
If not done carefully, becomes inaccurate, doesn't work.

Commentary for science educators coming soon.

Please keep in mind: MythBusters is a science
show. Educators need to go beyond,
especially in interpretation of what happens in demo.

Carbo Schools/Carbo Europe

Hands-on activities: Outdoor   Indoor
Using Scientific Data

Dr. Richard Somerville & EPA Ireland
On key discoveries in global warming science.

John Tyndall considered actual physical
demonstrations to be essential in effectively
communicating his scientific discoveries.

Dr. Somerville (second from left), keynote speaker at
John Tyndall 150th Anniversary Conference,
Dublin, Ireland -- September 2011.

John Tyndall's original lab equipment in foreground.
History of Global Warming
Lecture, American Geophysical Union Conference 2011

Thank you to leading organizations
supporting authentic hands-on science
demonstrations, engaging millions.

American Association
for the Advancement of Science

Tech Museum of Innovation

National Science Teachers Association

Boy Scouts of America

Recommendations-- seeking more:
If you know of other great demonstrations,
experiments, labs or activities of this nature,
by all means share them. We love to
recommend outstanding scientific programs.

More are needed. So many communities
are denied access to great hands-on science.

Introduction and Index
Faulty demonstrations being heavily promoted -- over a dozen examples
Errors and misconceptions commonly found in flawed demonstrations
Testing the demos, mistakes revealed -- lab & field results from scientists and hundreds of students & teachers

>>  Scientifically strong demonstrations engaging millions. Powerful, fun, dramatic, unforgettable. <<
Resources & Further Background
Encouraging rebuttal: welcoming sponsor-promoters to defend if demos are scientifically valid.
Testing the evidence for everyone to see, experience for themselves -- that's what has made science demonstrations so very powerful in history

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For over ten years: we have been designing, developing and presenting hands-on science demonstrations for 100,000's of participants.
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