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Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary   

Northern California Jamboree -- Alameda County Fairgrounds
20,000++ Attended -- Pleasanton, CA
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Lawrence Livermore
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BSA 100th Anniversary -- Science Demonstrations -- Photo Pages:
Global Warming Discovery / Be a Space Scientist Demo Station
Ocean Acidification / Measuring C02, Sources and Sinks Demo Station
Outdoor Activities: Solar Power Trailer, Solar Schoolhouse, BSA Radio Station
Chabot Space and Science Center Table, Bill Nye Lab, Exhibits
Collaborative Displays booth row       Neighboring booths in Exhibit Hall
Exhibit Hall wide shots; Acres of family tents outside

Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Jamboree
20,000 attended--scouts, family, visitors, volunteers
Science & Earth Day Activities  Hands-on Science Demonstrations 
Alameda County Farigrounds   April 16-18, 2010

Global Warming Discovery demonstration
Team up as scientists (enlarge)

Hands-on: the effects of CO2
on the oceans

Largest Hands-on Science Event in Northern California for 2010.
(Only San Diego Science Festival is larger in California this year.)

An Array of Hands-on Science Demonstrations, including:

Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks

Measuring CO2; Heat trapping in action

Experiments with Ocean Acidification

Kids get to do science.

Global Warming Discovery --  Hands-On Science Demonstration
Volunteers bringing science museum demos to Bay Area schools   
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle


Scouts get to do science.



Pasco Scientific
Vernier Software
and Technology

Acres of Tents, as thousands of families camp out for event.

Chabot Space and Science Center -- Oakland

Bill Nye's Climate Lab (Website) Promo Video
Kids Go Green (events in past years)
School Visits --Environmental Science Classes:
Atmospheres in Balance
Renewable Energy in the Space Age

Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California / NASA

Just Announced:
Professional learning communities, support
for 320 teachers across the U.S.
in teaching climate change education for 2 years.
Now taking applications.

NASA website description
On-line application form   Flyer [1 page pdf]

In partnership with ClimateChangeEducation.Org

Outside Activities and Demos, in concert with indoor
ClimateChangeEducation.Org Booths

Northwest of Young California Exhibit Hall -- RV Lot #1

Bass Electric's Solar Power Trailer:
Education tool & source of power for education and public events

Bass Electric: Leading Electrical Contractor in Solar Power and Energy Efficiency
Powering the Boy Scout Radio Stations

Solar Schoolhouse

Slideshow Introduction

Solar Schoolhouse Summer Institute for Educators

Featured in Our Booths

Monterey Bay Aquarium --New Exhibit Opened March 29:
Exhibit on Climate Change: Hot Pink Flamingos
Flamingos Web Cam    Exhibit Animals    Changing Seas
Penguins    Wading Birds    Coral Reefs    Sea Turtles and Jellies
Hope Electrified    Caring Communities    How You can Help

Exhibits on Jellies and Penguins       

National Center for Atmospheric Research
K-12    Undergraduate & Graduate Level    Videos
Hands-on   Conferences   On-line Teacher Training   Tours

Feature page on NCAR/UCAR Climate Change
Education and Outreach Programs and Resources
Provided by ClimateChangeEducation.Org

NASA Global Climate Change
For Eductors    Kids   Images of Change
   Climate Reel: Images and Videos

Produced by the NASA/JPL Earth Sciences Communications Team
Climate Day --with ClimateChangeEducation.Org hands-on science demos

California Center for Sustainable Energy (San Diego)
Education & Public Outreach   Energy Resource Center
Energy Efficiency   Climate Change
  Dr. Andrea Cook, Staff Scientist
New!: Green Learning Adventure   Photos
Calendar: Workshops and Events Resource Links
Exhibitor at California CC Conference   AAAS Climate Literacy Conference

Family Science Days -- Hands-on. With ClimateChangeEducation.Org

How We Know What We Know
About Our Changing Climate:
Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

Book -- by Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch
Sample Pages       Cover Photo

Booth Neighbors Include:

NASA Kepler Mission
NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Discovers
its First Five Exoplanets



Are We Alone? -- not today: 15,000 boy scouts & family members !
Education and Outreach    

National Ignition Facility
and Photon Science

Lawrence Livermore Labs

LBNL Lawrence Berkeley Labs  

Valuable in obtaining these Merit Badges:
Energy [45] 2 3 4     Electricity [43]     Weather
Environmental Science[Eagle Required]    Space Exploration [107]

Also: American Labor (Green Jobs)   Architecture    Chemistry
Citizenship in the World   Emergency Preparedness    Engineering

Scouting -- Climate Change and/or Energy Programs and Groups
Scouts for Climate: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Girl Scouts and Climate Change: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Hosted by Northern California BSA councils:
Alameda    Greater Yosemite    Marin    Monterey Bay Area
Mt. Diablo Silverado    Pacific Skyline    Piedmont    Redwood Empire
San Francisco Bay Area    Santa Clara

Event slideshow [20 pg pdf]  National BSA website-- 100th Anniversary
Program Overview

Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA
Jamboree Virtual Tour    Layout    Aerial Photo    4501 Pleasanton Ave.
Maps & Directions    April 2010 Events
Young California Building: Interior Photo    Facility Info
Fairgrounds Map -- Young California Bldg ["B" on map] on Bernal Ave.

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