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Carbon Dioxide

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America's online library
for Education &
Research in Science,

Where Presented:
Public Events,    Conferences,
K-12 Schools: High Schools; Middle and Elementary Schools
Colleges and Universities,
Teacher Professional Development,
Science Centers, Museums, and Aquariums
For Government: professional development, events, legislative hearings
and for Business: meetings, trainings, and corporate events

Based in Northern California.
On occasion presented elsewhere in United States, around world.

Lab Themes:

Ocean Acidification

Infrared Light, Sun's Energy

Enhancing courses in, part of these subjects, requirements :
Biology   Chemistry   Climate Change   Earth Science   Energy
Engineering   Environmental Science   Geography   Geology   Health   Math
Life Sciences   Physical Sciences   Physics   Space & Planetary Sciences
STEM    Technology

Especially suited for High School Advanced Placement (AP) courses

Earth Sciences


Involving 100,000's in climate change science discovery.

Equipment Used
Probes, Sensors, Software, Educational Tools

Hands-on Science -- Aligned with, Required by School Standards
California     US National     Schools Internationally
Leading Programs     Private Schools     Home School
School boards require hands-on science. This is true, not token, hands-on.

Aligned with California State Education Standards
Science Content Standards -- Adopted 1997
Grades K-8:   K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Grades 9-12:   
Physics   Chemistry   Biology (Life Sciences)   Earth Sciences
Investigation and Experimentation for Grades 9-12

University of California Admissions   Star Testing: 1 2
Advanced Placement Courses (AP)
Latest in California State Content Standards
Requirement for 20-25% Hands-on Learning for K-8 Science
Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)
Common Core Standards

An array of presentations -- serving audiences 5 to 105 years old.
Engaging, active learning, and very fun. Doing science.

Examine real physical evidence, the basis of climate science.
Not just more words, images; only more powerpoint lectures. Not political messaging.

Presenters For:

Collaborative presentations, as with
Lawrence Hall of Science and the National Center for Atmospheric Research

University of California, Berkeley


AAAS Family Science Days

Boy Scouts of America Anniversary

Working together with
hands-on climate science programs around the world

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