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Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors:     CO2 Sensors     Temperature 1 2
pH Sensors    Non contact temperature (infrared)

Processors, Displays: Spark
Accessories: Eco Zones     Heat Pump
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Examples of Climate Change Experiments, Demonstrations
Measuring CO2 Sources: Combustion; Cars;
Compare to human breath     Indoor CO2 build-up
Heat trapping properties of Greenhouse Gases    Ocean Acidification

Energy Resources and Consumption
Every Breathe I Take
   Data from Space, NASA: Global Warming

Pasco Instruments: widely in use
In tens of thousands of schools across US
Schools Internationally     Teacher Trainings
Science Conferences: AAAS, NASA, NOAA
Boy Scouts of America
National Climate Literacy Conference
Public Events    Science centers and museums
Lawrence Hall of Science/NASA Lifelines
COP15 International Teacher Resources

Examples of institutions where science education leaders
are using Pasco equipment in climate change science

Teacher Professional Development Sessions -- specific to Climate Change has been testing
Pasco instruments and equipment, using them in
science demonstrations with thousands of
students and families. We have found these products
to be very powerful and effective teaching tools.

Mobile Climate Science Labs   
K-12 Schools; Public Events; Aquariums, Museums, and Science Centers;
Teacher Trainings; Conferences;Universities;Business; Government

More on the Pasco Website
Subjects: Earth Environmental > Atmosphere > Climate Change
Atmosphere: Greenhouse Effect

Physics: High School     Physics: University Engineering
General Science     Biology     Every Breathe I Take
Chemistry     Earth and Environmental     Middle and Elementary

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Pasco -- Equipment & Instrumentation
Sensors: Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, pH, more.
Processors, displays, analyzers.
Activities, Experiments, Labs, Curriculum, Training
Compatible with equipment already available in
tens of thousands of schools worldwide.
In use, recommended by

Fun, active learning. Doing the science. Experiencing, proving it.
Bringing the evidence right to the kids and public

Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Jamboree

AAAS Conference 2010 -- San Diego Convention Center

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