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Carbon Dioxide

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Enhancing courses in, part of these subjects, requirements :
Biology   Chemistry   Climate Change   Earth Science   Energy
Engineering   Environmental Science   Geography
Geology   Health & Medicine   Math
Life Sciences   Physical Sciences
Physics   Space & Planetary Sciences
STEM    Technology

Especially suited for High School Advanced Placement (AP) courses

Aligned with California State Education Standards
Science Content Standards -- Adopted 1997
Grades K-8:   K   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
Grades 9-12:   
Physics   Chemistry   Biology (Life Sciences)   Earth Sciences
Investigation and Experimentation for Grades 9-12

University of California Admissions   Star Testing: 1 2
Advanced Placement Courses (AP)
Latest in California State Content Standards
Requirement for 20-25% Hands-on Learning for K-8 Science
Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)
Common Core Standards

Mobile Climate Science Labs
Working with and within programs at universities and colleges.

For Chemistry Courses
Grades 9-12, AP Chemistry and undergraduate
Hands-on labs and demonstrations with the following themes align:
Air Quality   Atmospheric Science   California R&D
Carbon Dioxide   Combustion 
Earth's Atmosphere   Evidence & Global Warming
Federal Research Projects   Food Choices  Green Careers 
  Hands-on education (real, not tokenism)   Heat
Heat Trapping Gases (Greenhouse Effect) 
   Infrared   Literacy, Climate   Modeling Climate   Molecules  
Ocean Acidification   Oxygen & Photosynthesis   pH, Acidity
   Safety   Satellite Missions   Solar Balloon   Temperature 
  Testing Demos   Thermodynamics   Transportation  Water
Careful!  Avoiding "cold fusion" demos

Climate Science Labs

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