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Examples of Public Events -- Locations, Hosts, Inviting Institutions
Where the Mobile Climate Science Labs are Presented

American Association for the Advancement
of Science (AAAS)
  2007   2010

Association of Science-Technology Centers
(conferences and at individual member institutions)

Bay Area Science Festival (70,000+  attendending)
North Bay
East Bay
San Francisco (SF Giants baseball stadium)

Bay Area Green Schools Conference
Bay Festival (Marina Park, City of Berkeley)

Berkeley, City of (many events, 2001-present)

Bioneers Conference

Boy Scouts of America

California Climate Change Conference

California Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

California, State of:
Air Resources Board (Cal ARB)
Energy Commission (CEC)
Environmental Protection Agency (Cal EPA)
Flex Your Power
Legislator Staff Offices
Resources Agency
Governor's Office

California State Universities
East Bay (Hayward)
San Francisco

City College of San Francisco
Climate All Stars Conference
Climate Day events (founded by NASA JPL)
Community Fairs and Festivals
COP 15 (Copenhagen)

Corporate Events
-- Awareness of company's green iniatives
-- Carbon footprint reduction programs
-- Earth Day
-- Employee appreciation
-- Energy efficiency and conservation
-- Science education, hands-on fun
-- Picnics
-- Public outreach

Earth Day events and festivals

Earth Expos
Energy Fairs
Environmental Club & Green Team events
Episcopal School events
European Union
Farmers' Markets
Family Science Days (AAAS)-- 2007  2010
Focus the Nation -- nationwide teach-ins (2008)
Girl Scouts of America
Golden Gate Bridging
100th Anniversary of GSA (2012)

Global Warming International Conference (2001)
Green Festivals
Green Jobs Fairs

Green Kids Conference   2011    2012
Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, Mountain View, CA

Hearings on climate science and policy, government
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Baccalaureate (IB) school events
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
Lifelines for High School Climate Edu.(NASA/LHS)
Live Earth Concerts (2007)
Montessori School events
Moving Planet (September 2011) []

JPL Climate Day [Pasadena]
Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education
-- California Team (numerous events)
Northern California Climate Day Events
-- many upcoming 2012-2013 (Goddard outreach)

National Center for Atmospheric Research
National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

National Marine Sanctuaries
Ocean Climate Center
Teacher professional development conferences and workshops

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

National Earth Sciences Teachers Association

Oakland, City Of
Pacific Gas & Electric (energy utility) education
Pasco Scientific (teacher professional development)
Placer County STEM Expo
Roman Catholic Church (science education events)

San Francisco, City and County of
Department for Children, Youth & Their Families
Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
Green Energy Fair
World Environment Day 2005, International Host City

San Francisco Unified School District events

San Francisco Sunday Streets
[street fairs with up to 60,000 participants monthly]
Bayview District

Santa Clara, County of
San Jose, City of

Science Centers, Museums and Aquariums
California Academy of Sciences
Chabot Space and Science Center
Coyote Point Museum
Lawrence Hall of Science
Steinhart Aquarium
Tech Museum of Innovation

Science Fairs and Festivals
Science Nights (schools and school district)

Science research public outreach programs
Science Symposia
Solar Energy Festivals
Stanford University
Step It Up events (precursor of
Street Fairs

Summer Math, Science & CTE Conference for
K-14 Teachers & Future Teachers

Switzerland education programs events (2006 to present)
Teacher appreciation events
Technology R&D public outreach programs
Television -- News & Science Broadcasts
Transformative Education Forum (TEF)
Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations
COP 15
Model UN Programs
UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
World Environment Day
-- 2005, International Opening Ceremonies
-- 2006 to present, San Francisco

United States
Department of Defense
Environmental Protection Agency
National Marine Sanctuaries
National Parks Service
State Department
(see also NASA, NOAA)

University of California, Berkeley
Earth Week
Climate Change Education Fair
Lawrence Hall of Science

University of California, Davis

University of California, San Francisco


Webinars, Web Broadcasts


Examples of public events where the Climate Science Labs
have been / are presented:

Boy Scouts of America -- 100th Anniversary Jamboree
Largest hands-on science event in Northern California in 2010.
Alameda County Fairgrounds --26,000 attended 

Earth Day Events
U.S. & Planetwide

Sunday Streets -- San Francisco
Mar 20, Apr 10, May 8, Jun 12, Jul 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 23
Creating a safe, fun, car-free place for people to get out and get
active in the neighborhoods -- while taking on global warming.
25,000 to 75,000 participating each event.

Fun, hands-on science with
Videos   Pictures   About

NASA/JPL Climate Day 2011: October 14
NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory-- Climate Day 2010
Students, teachers, families, scientists, press
Last Held March, 2010       Nasa/JPL Site
Hands-on science demonstrations, exhibits, talks by scientists, animations
competitions, career information, teacher and community resources,
Town Hall Meeting.

San Francisco's Green Energy Fair
Golden Gate Park Bandshell -- between De Young Museum
and California Academy of Sciences.   Last Held June 26, 2010
Exhibitors, Tours, Workshops   Event Flyer [1 pg pdf]
Fun, hands-on science and education resources
provided by -- for kids, families, everyone.

Moving Planet -- Sept. 24, 2011 -- 10/10/10 [October 10, 2010]
Work Party: Building Tools for Schools --
Climate Change Science Evidence

Photos: 1  2  3  Video: worldwide 350's

Copenhagen COP15 Conference on Climate Change
Events held in Northern California
Copenhagen Conference Teacher's Website & Program
UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) -- December 2009

physical FoLE
public event
on US
west coast.
Friends of Live Earth at the Exploratorium -- 7/7/07 images.
Live Web-Cast of Concerts; Inconvenient Truth Showing
Hundreds joined in hands-on science demo: Global Warming Discovery.
In partnership with ASTC's IGLO and ClimateChangeEducation.Org.

United Nations World Environment Day: June 1, 2005

The Governor announced greenhouse gas
emission reduction targets for California.

United Nations World Environment Day 2005
Civic Center San Francisco.
Executive Order S-3-05 establishes targets
and charges the California Environmental
Protection Agency secretary with the
coordination of the
oversight of efforts to achieve them.
Full Text of Executive Order

Simultaneously, for the thousands
of school kids outside,
science center volunteers and docents
lead hands-on science demonstrations
on global warming.
Booth representing the finest of California's
education programs on climate change
Governor's California Tomorrow Pavillion

Mobile Climate Science Labs,
Hands-on Demonstrations presented at:

K-12 Schools: High Schools; Middle and Elementary Schools
Conferences, Public Events,
Colleges and Universities,
Teacher Trainings and Professional Development,
Science Centers, Museums, and Aquariums
for Government and Business

2011 Climate Education Specialists, since 1999
We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.

For over ten years: designing, developing and presenting hands-on science demonstrations for 100,000's of participants.
Sharing with science education programs worldwide. Mutual learning.