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Avoiding Flawed, Problem Science Demonstrations
Greenhouse Effect in a Bottle; Heating Carbon Dioxide vs. Air;
Let's be sure the demonstrations we recommend to fellow educators get the science right!
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Avoiding Flawed

Greenhouse Effect

Faulty Demos
Errors, Misconceptions
Testing, Lab Results
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We would love to hear from you -- and the above email address is the best point of contact to use -- especially if:

• You are a student, parent, teacher, professor, instructor, or informal educator and
== Have experience to share with tests or presentations using these or similar demonstrations, labs and activities.
== Would like to recommend a demonstration, lab or activity that you have found to be sound scientifically. Good! More are needed to share.
== Know of other examples of flawed science demonstrations, related to climate change and global warming, that are being promoted.
== Have plans to present demos that are strong scientifically. Or perhaps these demos (either as negative or positive examples)
== Would simply like to comment, offer feedback or ask a question.

• You represent a sponsor-promoter of one of the demonstrations that we have determined to have flaws and:
== Are issuing a rebuttal statement. If you wish to present a case that your demos are in fact sound, scientifically and otherwise
== Feel that our reviews are unfair or inaccurate.
== Are making changes in the promotion & presentation of your demo selection so that your recommended resources are better based on science.
== Would otherwise like to communicate with us.

You are a scientist, engineer, or artist and:
== Have comments to make on these demos and/or our reviews
== Would like to be involved in the review process of other science demos, labs or activities

• Are part of a program that develops or presents science demonstrations that relate to global warming & climate change
We are proud to promote the work of our colleagues around the world.

• Would like to support or be involved in the design, presentation, vetting and/or promotion
of science demonstrations that are scientifically sound.

Introduction and Index
Faulty demonstrations being heavily promoted -- over a dozen examples
Errors and misconceptions commonly found in flawed demonstrations
Testing the demos, mistakes revealed -- lab & field results from scientists and hundreds of students & teachers

Scientifically strong demonstrations engaging millions. Powerful, fun, dramatic, unforgettable.
Resources & Further Background
Encouraging rebuttal: welcoming sponsor-promoters to defend if demos are scientifically valid.
Testing the evidence for everyone to see, experience for themselves -- that's what has made science demonstrations so very powerful in history

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2011 Climate Education Specialists, since 1999
We are a team of teachers, docents, scientists, engineers, techs, artists, students and parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide. While primarily based at science museums
and the University of California, we work with hundreds of schools, programs and science institutions around the world
to strengthen the climate education community.  If we should be working with you too, let us know.

For over ten years: we have been designing, developing and presenting hands-on science demonstrations for 100,000's of participants.
Sharing experiences, mutual learning with science education programs worldwide..
If you are part of designing, teaching, presenting and/or supporting sound science hands-on demonstrations on climate change, perhaps we should be working together.