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San Francisco climate
invited to state
capitol to assist governor
and legislators in
understanding climate
, during decision
to commit Califonia
to be first in U.S. to fight
global warming.
Actionable education.

Beginning years ago
engaging kids in
climate science -- now
today's leading young
adult citizens.

The Exploratorium:
one of the world's most
influential science
Pioneer in hands-on
science education.

California Academy of
Largest Public Green
Building in the US

Climate educators working
with City Hall's programs,
part of all communities.

Producing good jobs,
business opportunities
San Francisco wide.

San Francisco
International Airport's
solar power contractor

is also a supporter
of public climate science education.

High Voltage DC
project just built
IBEW/NECA Electricians
400,000Volts DC,
0.4 Gigawatts of power
under San Francisco Bay.
A technology essential
for efficient power trans-
mission from ocean
based tidal and wind
farms into the city.
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Prop'd Moraga-Potrero

Wind power for the city
by the bay.

Wind parks and tidal
power farms on the way.
Trained, climate literate
work force needed.

Climate Science: all ages
must be actively involved.

Student's Poster
S.F. State University
hosted one of largest Focus the Nation
Teach-in's in the United States 2008

Working with S.F. based
leading public awareness

Meet the community of leading educators, programs and supporters;
making San Francisco a world leader in climate education.
Museums, K-12 schools, climate education specialists, training centers,
city programs, non-profits, businesses, conferences and events.
San Francisco -- a truly international city.
Learning from, sharing with the world in climate education.

Should your program / community partner with San Francisco's, to help each other?

San Francisco: connecting with the COP15
Copenhagen Conferences, and Climate Educators Worldwide

Teacher's Website for Copenhagen Conference

UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) -- December 2009
The Copenhagen Cafe connecting hub of activity
for climate outreach, education and action -- downtown SF.

Science Museums and Aquariums

Aquarium of the Bay: with PG&E Lab -- climate focused
Staff Lead Hands-on Demos all day on climate change and solutions!
• Exhibit: Animal Ambassadors: land creatures already affected by CC
Field Trips by San Francisco school groups every weekday morning
Carbon Footprint Calculator   •  Certified San Francisco Green Business
Welcoming world visitors -- right in Fisherman's Wharf

The Exploratorium
Global Climate Change Research Explorer Website
Largest Live Earth Concert Event on West Coast -- Held 070707
Hands-on Science Demos presented by

Science from the Poles -- Webcasts
Exhibit on Energy Choices under development -- in partnership with NOAA
More Science Museums and Aquariums in San Francisco Bay Area

Climate Education Specialists

Climate Change Education .Org
Teachers, docents, scientists, artists, techs, students, parents providing
pro bono services for thousands of climate education programs worldwide.
Portal Websites: For Teachers, Students, Education Partners
Kids    Museums    Solutions  Energy  Art   Videos   California
Hands-on Science Demonstrations    Parternship Builders    Conferences
International Climate Change Education Portal

Team of Climate Education Specialists -- Since 1999
Write us: Let us know how we can help, work with your program.
Global Warming Discovery --  Hands-On Science Demonstration
World's leading demo. Tens of thousands of participants: Since 2000.    
Do the Greenhouse Gas Giggle

ACE: Alliance for Climate Education
Assemblies, Class Presentations
ACE visits high schools to deliver free, in-person, science-based
presentations on climate change, and inspires students to take action.

   New in 2009.
Assembly Trailer   Book an Assembly   For Teachers   FAQ
Personalized Music Video: Crush Global Warming
Buzz   In the News   Partners   Videos   Photos   Contact
Northern California ACE Team    Los Angeles ACE Team
Board of Directors    Careers (young educators, scientists, professionals)
A ClimateChangeEducation.Org Partner in Climate & Energy Education

Leading San Francisco Schools

Saint Ignatius College Preparatory -- San Francisco
Stewardship Day   Video
Incredible teachers, classes: Mr Totah: -- Nature Nexus
Ms. Wolf: Art    Ms. Kennedy: -- Environmental Science 1 2 3 4 5
Mr. Evans:  Religious Studies  Energy    Mr. O'Keefe: Science and Religion
Class Content: Alternative Energy   Alternative Cars
Photos: Native Plant Garden    Nature Nexus Field Trips:.  1 2   Bicycle Day
Earth Team -- high school students getting this high level science. Wow!
e.g. A History of CC & Sea Level Fluctuations from Marine Fossil Record
Greenhouse Gases and Sea Level   Orbital Parameters and CC

Genesis V Magazine:   S07   W07

   Videos and Graphics by San Francisco Students      

St. Ignatius College Preparatory
school (San Francisco) senior
Mike Rapadas helped SI grad
Jordan Murphy film this video.
Enlightening, funny, inspiring.

Matt Delbridge:
San Francisco Arts College Graphic Artist Major


Toast Busters Logo for

San Francisco Unified School District
New Website:
Sustainable SFUSD Website    SFUSD Portal
Teacher Resources   Newsletter Archive   

International & National Conferences --
Link Up with Local Educational Institutions

AAAS Conference
Front Page News Story
Family Science Days -- thousands together: scientists, families, kids, teachers & press doing hands-on science -- fun!
Town Hall Meeting for Educators
Photos from Conference

Training Centers -- Electricians Making Green Energy Possible

Training Skilled Electricians
Solar Photovoltaics   Energy Efficiency
   San Fracisco Training Center
Electric TV: Smart Grid  •Utility Workers

California Green Building Solutions Partner

Education Programs Supported Electrical Industry Leaders

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E): Education Programs
Energenius: Using energy wisely and safely -- K-8   Links
Environment  Solar Power  
Solar Schools Program  Bright Idea Grants
Educational Solar Installations  Teacher Training
We Can Do This campaign
Carbon Footprint Calculator   Safe Kids    
Jobs -- Power Pathway
Blog: Next 100 -- Future Energy     PG&E Search Page
Climate Smart program: voluntary, tax-deductible donations
Pacific Energy Center -- business training   Solar
Stockton Energy Training Center

Leading Electrical Contractor in Solar Power and Energy Efficiency
Bass Electric's Solar Power Trailer:
Education tool & source of power -- use of donated to climate education and public events

Historic International Events in Climate Education:
United Nations World Environment Day, 2005 -- San Francisco Host City

WED2005 Official Opening Ceremonies -- California Tomorrow Pavillion
Civic Center Plaza: thousands of San Francisco school kids take part in
hands-on climate science demonstrations. Provided by
ClimateChangeEducation.Org, with Lawrence Hall of Science
Chosen to represent the finest of California's education programs for this
internationally televised event, with governor announcing that California
will be first in United States to commit to fight global warming.
Scores of climate and energy events across the city followed over 5 days.

City Programs

City and County of San Francisco
SF Dept. of the Environment:       
Climate Change    Carbon Fund    Renewable Energy    Energy Efficiency
Wind Power Task Force   Ocean Power   Co-gen   Peak Oil    Solar PV Video
Precautionary Principle    Green Building    Enviro Justice   
SF Green Business   Commuter Benefits   Event Calendar    Newsletter

Kids & Teachers Art  Energy  Global Warming  Buildings  Teachers
SF PUC:    Solar: Go Solar    PV    Monitoring Stations
Wind: Wind Monitoring    Energy Efficiency
Clean Energy Clean Air    Renewable Power Generation

Mayor's Office: Building a Bright Future [28 pg pdf]    Education
Board of Supervisors   Clean Power SF
City Policies   Climate Action Plan    Strategic Plan
First City in U.S. to Certify Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Home Base of International Climate Organizations GW Kid's Portal

Lights Out San Francisco --started SF, then went international. Now Earth Hour

Media, Arts and Film

Partners with Climate Educators, IPCC Scientists
SF Internat'l Film Festival's Schools at the Festival Program
Co-Presenting Premier Film Screenings 1 2

Premiered In 2009: A Sea Change and The Age of Stupid
Preview screenings allowing climate scientists, educators and
students to review new films before national release.

Nationally Leading Regional Government Agencies

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
• Partnered with science museum climate programs 2001-2004
• Recognition of pioneers in climate education
• Included youth programs in Climate Protection Summit
• Providing inspiration to international portal for kids
• Awarded millions of dollars in grant money to non-profits
• Funded development of 4th and 5th grade climate curriculum
More Regional Government Agencies

Other notable San Francisco developments
Clean Policy Initiative HQ's in San Francisco. $1 Billion over 10 years.
UN Global Compact Sustainability Center to have HQ's in San Francisco
Going back to 1945: San Francisco -- Birthplace of the United Nations.

2009   Created by docents, scientists, teachers, students, artists...
Thank you NASA Goddard, for base image: composite satellite photos of Earth.