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Gary Braasch

Extraordinary Street Art
by Joshua Allen Harris:
Inflatable Polar Bears

One Planet, One Chance
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Rebecca C. Potts:
artist, educator,
MFA in Visual Arts,
Washington University.

Featured Artists

The Canary Project
Visual media, events, and artwork that build
public understanding of human-induced
climate change and energize
commitment to solutions.
The project began as photography of
landscapes affected by climate change
and they now work with many artists
to produce climate focused projects.

Cape Farewell
Art Programme
Cape Farewell has been bringing artists,
scientists, and communicators together
around climate change for almost 10 years.
Their current exhibit, Unfold,
exhibits the work of 25 artists and focuses
on the cultural response to climate change.

Gary Braasch's latest photographs from around the world.
2010: highest increase in greenhouse gases in history   Tuvalu & Kibati   Fiji
Rapid erosion of American shores   Cancun Report   Environmental Photography   


Cool Climate Art Contest   
Top US submissions    Top International submissions
Semi-finalists US    Semi-finalists International

Celebrity Judges    Affiliates
    Contest Rules
Live Webcast October 7: Winners announced, discussion

Franke James: My Green Conscience
Franke James is an artist, writer, and educator.
She creates persuasive visual essays about
social and environmental issues and also
teaches workshops on art and the environment.

Andrea Polli: Hello Weather
For her "Hello Weather" project, Polli interviewed people
all over the world about their personal climate change stories.
You can hear the interviews online and add your own story.

Stranded Polar Bear   
15 Artists created a giant polar bear that floated on the Thames River.
This exhibit coincided with the
"Fragile Earth" series debut on the Eden Channel.

Melting Men -- by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo
Public installation of tiny melting figures, interpreted by many
as being a representation of the dangers of climate change.
Installations in: São Paulo, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Brasilia,
Salvador e Curitiba, in Brazil, Paris (France), Havana (Cuba),
Braunschweig (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Firenze (Italy). Interview    Photo pages:   1   2   3

G2 Gallery   
The G2 Gallery believes in the union between environmental causes
and the power of photographic art to change the world.
The gallery supports art and the environment through the eyes of
the world’s most celebrated nature and wildlife photographers.
All proceeds from art sales are donated to environmental causes.

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