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The Women Environmental Artists Directory is a listing of women arts professionals concerned with environmental issues. The directory is circulated as a hard copy publication nationally with 154 listings from across the USA, and extending to Mexico, Canada and Brazil. The purpose of the director is to provide access to information and networking among artists, curators, writers, arts administrators, educators in art and ecology, cross-disciplinary people, and others.

    Paint for the Planet
Paint for the Planet is a global children’s art exhibit and auction. This year it was in New York City on October 23rd and 25th. The auction raises money for UNICEF’s emergency relief for children affected by climate-related disasters.

    Green Museum, a new online museum of environmental art, advances creative efforts to improve our relationship with the natural world. Our goal is to inform, inspire and connect people through environmental art and encourage the creation of new work that serves our communities and ecosystems. The site has three main sections: "Artist Section" presents images and documentation of artwork, writings and online exhibitions. "Community" provides a full listing of Events, Opportunities, and Links. It also hosts our new Forum; discussion area and greenmuseum Wiki a collaborative discussion tool. "Send Us Info" is where to go to let us know about new Events, Opportunities and other information.

    Environmental art from Finland
This site is mainly in Finnish, so will be hard to read if you don't know the language. It does, however, have some interesting images and lists opportunities for artists.

    Eco Art Space
Ecoartspace is one of the leading international organizations in a growing community of artists, scientists, curators, writers, nonprofits and businesses who are developing creative and innovative strategies to address our global environmental issues. We promote a diverse range of artworks that are participatory, collaborative, interdisciplinary and uniquely educational. Our philosophy embodies a broader concept of art in its relationship to the world and seeks to connect human beings aesthetically with the awareness of larger ecological systems. Founded in 1997 by Tricia Watts as an art and nature center in development, ecoartspace was one of the first websites online dedicated to art and environmental issues. New York City curator Amy Lipton joined Watts in 1999, and together they have curated numerous exhibitions, participated on panels, given lectures at universities, developed programs and curricula, and written essays for publications from both the East and West Coasts. They advocate for international artists whose projects range from scientifically based ecological restoration to product based functional artworks, from temporal works created outdoors with nature to eco-social interventions in the urban public sphere, as well as more traditional art objects. ecoartspace has been a project of the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles since 1999.

    RSA Arts & Ecology
RSA Arts & Ecology is a catalyst for the insights, imaginations and inspirations of artists who are responding to environmental changes and emergencies. The programme supports the work of the arts in examining and addressing social and environmental concerns in an interdisciplinary and international arena. RSA has launched a site to bring together artists engaged around COP15, the UN Climate Change Conference happening in Copenhagen in December, 2009.

    The Natural World Museum
The Natural World Museum (NWM) is a mobile and global cultural institution – a "museum without walls" – that operates as the premier international art organization partnering with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) through the Art for the Environment initiative. NWM is poised to begin a new era of cultural transformation by bridging art and environmnt on a global scale through innovative curatorial program includes a traveling exhibition series with site-specific programs including symposia, interactive multi-media experiences, workshops, cultural performances, programs for children and youth, and special community events.

    Green Arts Web
Green Arts Web is a resource for those who want to be more informed about the practices and theories of environmental art. We envision an expansive role for artists as catalysts in valuing the interrelationships between human and non-human nature in our daily lives.

    Reseach in Art, Nature, and Environment
The RANE (Research in Art, Nature, and Environment) research cluster, based at University College Falmouth, has been established to examine the relationship between the visual arts and ecological thinking. It actively seeks creative methods through which art can impact on our current environmental predicament. Using artistic practice the cluster aims to offer interpretations and models of thinking about the natural world that help to promote a sustainable future.

    The Center for Landuse Interpretation
The Center for Land Use Interpretation is a research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. The Center employs a variety of methods to pursue its mission - engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition.

    New Climates
New Climates will present new and existing artworks responding to the relationship between art, global climate change and networked culture. This curatorial weblog will create a flexible and open-ended space to address these ideas at a time when climate change has become a vital concern among artists.

    First Pulse Projects
A resource hub about climate change for artists, writers and activists

    Future Sea Level makes it easy for you to spread the word that we need to turn the tide on climate change. This site provides complete directions for holding your own art installation. You can order the tape here. You can even download sample press releases for sharing the news about your installation with your local media.

    Artists Respond
"Human/Nature: Artists Respond to a Changing Planet" is a pioneering artist residency and collaborative exhibition project that, for the first time on this scale, uses contemporary art to investigate the changing nature of some of the most biodiverse regions on earth and the communities that inhabit those regions.

    Green House Gas Photos
GHG is the scientific shorthand for Greenhouse Gases, the gases whose build up in the upper atmosphere is the cause of anthropogenic climate change. GHG Photos is a coalition of science, environmental, nature, and documentary photographers who have spent the last several years focused on the emissions and effects of those Greenhouse Gas emissions, as well as attempts to mitigate their release and adapt to the changing climate.

    Beehive Collective
The work of the Beehive Collective has three major facets: the Hive is appreciated internationally for its educational graphics campaigns, at a regional level for its stone mosaic murals and apprentice program, and locally for its dedication to the revitalization of the old Machias Valley Grange Hall, a landmark building in our small, rural town.

    Magnum Photos
One Planet, One Chance

Magnum Photos is a photographic co-operative of great diversity and distinction owned by its photographer-members. They recently produced a beautiful and disturbing photo essay about climate change, titled "One Planet, One Chance."